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Ceiling Columns Pneumatic, retractable column Pneumatic column (extended) Manual column Fixed column Convenient. Accessible. When multiple electrical and medical gas services are required in congested environments, BeaconMedæs offers three types of ceiling service columns for maximum convenience and accessibility: • Pneumatic, retractable • Manually operated, retractable • Fixed position, non-retractable Aesthetics The powder-coated housing not only provides a durable, easy to clean surface, it also complements the other ceiling services to create an attractive environment for both the patient and the health care provider. Pneumatic column control

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BeaconMeoes’ Ceiling height 9’ 9'6" 10’ A Column height retracted 32.5" 38.5" 44.5" Easy Installation, Service and Maintenance The rough-in plate for all columns is available for early shipment allowing ceilings to be closed before hanging the column. It includes rear entry tube connections and a keyhole slotted mounting bracket for easy installation. A clear electrical ground path is built in for added safety. Electrical junction boxes are provided in the retractable columns. The completely removable, light-weight shroud provides full accessibility to interior components for easy service....

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