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Medipoint 125 Digital (MP125D) Central Alarm Medical Gas Central Alarm SPECIFICATION Medical Gas Central Alarm Gas Service Status Badges The Medipoint 125 is a flexible, customisable medical gas central alarm system. The Medipoint 125 system is capable of carrying up to fifteen gas services, and can consist of up to thirty-two panels, including any relay interfaces. The medical gas central alarm shall fully comply with the requirements of HTM2022, HTM 02-01, C11, BS EN 60601-1 and BS EN 60601-1-2 and BS EN ISO 7396-1 The gas status bar shall indicate green steady for normal condition. When faults occur the normal condition is extinguished and either yellow or red flashing depending on the nature of the fault will becom eactive. Loss of comunication with the source equipment is indicated by the accociated condition holding steady and the normal remains active at the same time. The cover, backbox and bezel (if required) shall be polyester powder coated in a RAL9010 30% gloss finish. A single tamperproof fastener shall be used to gain access to the hinged door. The hinge shall operate through a minimum of 120° to provide adequate access. All gas service legends and fault conditions are fully editable within the on screen setup menus Normal Wiring Fault Antimicrobial Additive User accessible parts such as the screen protector, key pad fascia shall include a silver antimicrobial additive for inherent antimicrobial protection. Alarm Status Screen Each gas service shall be displayed by coloured 7” LCD touch screen to display the pipeline source equipment status for normal and fault conditions in line with HTM02-01 and HTM2022 requirements. Screen graphics are avaialble in normal and dark mode settings for reduced brightness. Typical normal mode view Audible Alarm and Mute function An audible warning shall sound simultaneously with any failure indication and a mute facility shall be provided. Following a mute selection the audible will resound after approximately 15 minutes, or shall operate simultaneously should a further alarm condition occur. A “Mute” switch shall be provided inside the panel for use during any maintenance resulting in prolonged pipeline or plant shutdown. This facility shall automatically reset when the gas service returns to normal. Icon Mute Button Typical dark mode view Press to activate to silence the audible alarm. Test Function The alarm panel shall have a ‘Test’ facility to prove the integrity of the internal circuits, gas status and audible warning. Icon Description Test Button Press to activate the alarm test button. BeaconMedæs • Telford Crescent, Staveley, S43 3PF • United Kingdom • Phone +44 (0) 1246 474 242 • www.beaconmedaes.com MEDIPOINT 125 CENTRAL ALARM

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Editable Alarm Service Location Legend Typical on screen keyboard The alarm badge includes an editable field for displaying the location details for the source equipment being monitored. This can be edited through the setup menus. Antimicrobial Additive User accessible parts such as the screen protector, key pad fascia shall include a silver antimicrobial additive for inherent antimicrobial protection. Main Screen Interactive Icons There are interatable icons for accessing the alarm information screen, alarm logs and setup menus. Alarm logs and setup menus are password protected to prevent...

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Data Logging Data logs can be accessed through password protected screens to review up to 1000 logged events. Data logging includes a main screen fro all events, plus filtered screens to see each gas service seperately. Part Numbers Part Number Main Product group Typical data logging screen 8102371401 Medical Gas Alarm 2nd fix - Medipoint 125 Digital Alarm (MP125D) Power source Mains operated using 110V-230V, 50/60Hz, alternating current. Medical Gas Alarm 1st Fix backbox Medical Gas Alarm Bezel BEZEL SECURING SCREW (M4x12 PAN HEAD) Cable size: Frequency Minimum Cable Size • Current...

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In an effort to continuously improve our products, the right is reserved to change the specification of the items described herein at any time. Please contact us for further information and up to date specifications. Installation Details C 2 x 20 CABLE GLAND KNOCKOUTS 2 x 20 CABLE GLAND KNOCKOUTS Wiring Terminal Connections Remote Audible Connection for remote buzzer for audible alarm. N/O Volt free Relay output Normally open relay output triggered from any alarm fault condition to to another alarm or Building Management System. 4x Line contact monitored input fault conditions Medipoint...

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