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Part of the Atlas Copeo Group Claw Medical Vacuum

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Most Efficient Vacuum Technology Available Utilizing a dry, frictionless, multi-claw technology, the BeaconMedaes Claw Vacuum System can provide significant savings in energy costs. The rotors (claws) spin in opposite directions, synchronized via precision gears. Although the pump design holds very tight clearances, the rotors never contact the housing or each other. This removes the need for any lubricant or seal fluid inside the pumping chamber and provides a highly efficient operation. High efficiency equals less horsepower and therefore less power cost over the life of the system....

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Variable Speed Drive Option Variable Speed Drive In medical facilities, the vacuum system must react to continuous demand fluctuations. Variable Speed Drive technology matches motor speed to vacuum demand, resulting in maximum efficiency of the vacuum system. The VSD provides the right amount of vacuum at all times: no more, no less. Energy Efficiency Conventional vacuum pumps run at full capacity to fill even the slightest demand, often running at partial loads but consuming power at full capacity. The VSD minimizes energy consumption and significantly reduces your energy expenses by...

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Safe Choice for Waste Anesthesia Service The Claw is uniquely available prepared for oxygen and WAGD service. We label it "02 Assured" and guarantee that it will operate safely even under high oxygen concentration. TotalAlert Embedded Control Panel control panel features an intrinsically safe 24V within the panel. Service personnel are at less risk while performing maintenance tasks within the control panel. With the addition of TotalAlert Embedded control boards, there is even less wiring in the control panel. Control Panel Disconnects The Claw vacuum system includes through the door...

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Trend screens for historical potential problems. Touchscreen Functionality The Claw LifeLine Medical Vacuum systems feature high-detail touchscreen controls. All systems incorporate a large "system" screen with additional "unit" screens for each pump/motor combination. Easy-to-read color graphics and icons make navigation simple and display the system's vital information. • Motion sensor activates touchscreens, preserving the screen life. • Self-diagnostic alerts to inform you of potential system problems before becoming alarm/shutdown conditions. • Maintenance alerts to keep your vacuum...

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Multiple Configurations Multiple Configurations BeaconMedæs offers the ClawClawvariety of formats in in BeaconMedæs offers the in a in a variety of formats an effort to match your your specific requirements. an effort to match specific requirements. • Space saving vertical package for smaller horsepowers, • Space saving vertical package for smaller horsepowers, with VSD available on 5.4 Hp with VSD available on 5.4 Hp • Single PointPoint Connection base mount systems in all sizes • Single Connection base mount systems in all sizes 5.4 Hp and larger, with the VSD option available 5.4 Hp and...

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