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Flow Meters and Vacuum Regulators 4 1. Chromium-plated brass body flow meter (single and double) 2. Highly efficient design • Light weight and user friendly 3. High precision multi-stage flow meters (single and double) 4. Durable high and low vacuum suction devices 5. Universal vacuum connection 6. Electrical suction devices 7. ON/OFF control switch and precision control mechanism 8. Continuous-Intermittent vacuum regulator with aluminium body 9. Venturi suction devices 10. Range of mounting accessories and probe connections • Flow remains unaffected by any output restriction caused by humidifiers, nebulisers or any other accessories • 14 pre-calibrated flows, with one pressure reducer incorporated inside for high accuracy • Available with simple water trap or bacterial filter • Enables quick and easy attachment of safety trap or bacterial filter • Portable for emergency or ambulatory use, 230v or 12v supply • Ensures high stability and accuracy on high and low vacuum devices • Maximum precision with 3 modes of operation, continuous, intermittent and line • Provides medical vacuum when only medical air or oxygen is available • Direct, remote, trolley, rail and wall solutions enable connection in almost all scenar

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m BeacqnMed/es' Part of the Atlas Copco Group Optimised Medical Gas Solutions The BeaconMed^s range of Suction Oxygen Therapy (SOT) equipment provides a seamless solution between your medical gas pipeline system (MGPS) and downstream patient equipment supplier - enabling a one stop provider for all your medical gas needs. Our high end devices provide the user with lightweight, highly precise and accurate equipment, which allows clinical and nursing staff to be concerned about only one thing - the patient. BeaconMed^s flow meters and vacuum suction devices are robust and tactile, providing...

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