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Hose Assemblies Aesthetic Design Hose assemblies are available in a variety of lengths and gas services. They provide versatility where needed at an affordable price. They are capable of retracting when not in use and are color coded for easy identification. Available in DISS nut and nipple as well as Geometric, Pin Index and Latch Key type quick connects. Ordering Instructions (see ordering chart on back) 1. Select the desired fitting for each end of the hose assembly one from (A) and one from (C) using the matrix shown. 2. Choose the appropriate part number according to the gas service required (B). 3. Replace the XX with a two digit number from the chart (D). This two digit number corresponds with the length of the hose required. Example: A desired hose assembly for oxygen that is five feet long and uses a Geometric valve on one end and a Diameter Index Safety System (DISS) nut and nipple on the other end would carry a part number of 132106-05. Note: Maximum length is thirty feet. For the hose assemblies and check valve installation, operating and maintenance instructions, order part number 847697-00. Unless otherwise specified, all assemblies utilize 1/4” ID hose.

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