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Intermittent Suction Regulators Built for easy use BeaconMedæs regulators are designed to be easy to see and easy to operate. The bright gauge face allows checking the vacuum level from across the room and the big, convenient knobs allow easy adjustment. BeaconMedæs regulators are especially compact to t even in tight arrangements where other regulators are squeezed out by other equipment. Built to stay on duty, not on the bench Illustrated: US Standard with Tubing nipple A regulator built to last Built tough BeaconMedæs suction regulators are constructed using a cast metal backplate with the gauge fully encased in the protective housing. That means the BeaconMedæs regulator can withstand stresses which would normally crack an all plastic regulator and will continue to operate when other regulators would have to be replaced. BeaconMedaes regulators are fully modular (only six modules in a continuous regulator), which means if they do need service, the work can quickly be done with ordinary tools and ordinary skills. No need for the regulator to sit unusable, waiting for a complex repair operation. Warranty BeaconMedæs Continuous Suction Regulators are warranted against defects in parts or workmanship for 3 years from the date of shipment. At it’s discretion, BeaconMedæs will replace or repair the defective unit. This warranty excludes regulators which are damaged or abused through incorrect use or negligence. Extended warranties and service agreements are available through BeaconMedæs factory service. Please inquire through your BeaconMedæs representative. Intermittent Regulator Model Gauge Range Tri-Mode REG(ulated) - OFF - INT(termit) All regulator models can be equipped with inlet and outlet ttings in all popular styles. See table on reverse. 0-300 mmHg and “MAX VACUUM” Standard Technical Specications Weight 1.2 lbs (0.54 kg) Gage Accuracy ± 1% FS Digital ± 5% FS of maximum Analog REG(ulated) and INT(termit) mode Maximum Vacuum 396 mmHg. Dimensions: 4.4” (11.2 cm) deep; 2.8” (7.1 cm) wide; 5.3” (13.4 cm) high 1 Actual obtainable vacuum may be limited by vacuum pump, medical vacuum terminal, and altitude. Specications subject to change without notice

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Ordering Data BeaconMedæs regulators are available with all popular inlet and outlet combinations. Outlet Fittings (back of regulator) 1/8 NPTF (tting by others) Tubing Nipple Inlet Fittings (bottom of regulator) DISS Tubing Nipple Ohmeda Style Trap 45° Ohmeda Style Trap Accessories Complete your regulator ready for use Suction Hose Surgical Trolley With 1 regulator connection, 4 canister slides, canister selector valve. (canisters, brackets, regulator and connecting hoses sold separately) 2205601570 Connecting tube with lter (1 per active canister is required) 2205601596 Translucent hose,...

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