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Safeguard the continuity of your medical gas supply Lifeline® Manifold Control System

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High reliability Since the intermittent high flows apparent with medical gases can exert high strains on the internal components, the Lifeline® Manifold uses a regulator designed to cope with the rigorous demands of medical gas supply. These regulators are specifically designed for the purpose of supplying medical gases and are highly reliable. Reduce installation time Integration and pre-installation of many components such as a pre-piped exhaust vent reduces installation time significantly. Additionally, the easy-to-use wall bracket allows for installation to be performed by a single...

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Digitally control your Manifold Easy operation • Graphical display with extended lifetime LEDs indicating active bank and alarms Power indicator Preventive maintenance General service warning (every 40,000 h/5 years) with in-time reminder that reduces risks User-friendly interface Gain full control via digital pressure indication in both headers and line. Pressure indications are available in bar or psi, hence no need for unit measure conversion. Cost control Visualisation of remaining gas volume in cylinders and average gas consumption will give you full control over your medical gas...

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Uninterrupted gas flow The high flow regulators ensure a continuous flow of medical gases during peak demand. Two totally separate stages of pressure regulation provide the following advantages: • Smoother flow characteristics are achieved by splitting the pressure regulation stages • Downstream components are not subjected to shock loading Lifeline® flow performance 2 Volumetric flow (l/min) Based on air and assuming sufficient cylinders are connected and zero pipeline pressure loss: ‘X’ = 1,000 l/min at 4.1 bar ‘Y’ = 1,750 l/min at 3.7 bar Simple to maintain The carefully designed layout...

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Standard options Heater Kit (N2O & O2 /N2O 50-50) Protection against freezing of header rack and first stage regulator High pressure bank valve kit Enables complete closure of the full cylinder bank. Standard Ethernet, BACnet over Ethernet or Volt free contacts (open on fault). Inputs and sensor types Cupro nickel to prevent work hardening to BSP bull nose, Pin indexed, CGA and other norms. Spare cylinder racks Powder coated steel rack with cylinder fixing chain. Life is in the details.® © BeaconMedæs February 2021. 4233 5001 24.00

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