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Lifeline MCS Automatic Changeover Medical Manifold MANIFOLD CONTROL SYSTEM HTM02-01 / HTM2022 / ISO7396-1 SPECIFICATION Lifeline MCS Manifold on a pre-defined service interval. The BeaconMedæs Lifeline® MCS Manifold conforms to NHS Health Technical Memorandum Nos. 2022 (HTM2022), 02-01 (HTM0201) and EN ISO7396-1. The manifold control system provides an uninterrupted supply of the designated medical gas from equally sized high pressure cylinder banks via a suitable arrangement of pressure regulators, providing a constant downstream nominal pipeline gauge pressure of 400 kPa, 700 kPa or 1,100 kPa. The entire system is ‘duplexed’ such that any single functional component failure will not affect the integrity of the medical gas supply. The manifold is supplied fully assembled and tested. The system provides an estimated average gas consumption, with a clear indication on the display for non-liquefied gases. Manifold Design There are two separate stages of regulation to enable high peak flow rates without a reduction in line pressure. Multistage regulators combined within a single unit are not suitable for this application, as they do not meet the required performance for this product. Regulators comply with BS EN ISO 10524-2. Documented test reports are available confirming successful completion of the oxygen ignition tests stated therein. All regulators are protected from over pressurisation by relief valves that are vented to atmosphere. The manifold can be vented during commissioning, e.g. by using the included test point. A test point shall be isolated from the supply with a ball valve. The manifold is supplied with a non-return valve for connection to the distribution system. To minimize installation time, the test point with an antimicrobial GEM Shield medical gas outlet is incorporated into the manifold. The manifold assembly is housed in a single control panel having a solid construction using epoxy technology in a glass-reinforced polymer moulding for high chemical and corrosion resistance and high impact strength. The case is fully removable to provide unlimited access to all internal components. A powder coated 3mm steel backplate holds all components, providing additional protection and a robust fixture. To aid maintenance, the connections within the panel uses ‘O’ rings sealing against flat-face connectors to facilitate easy removal and replacement of components. To simplify installation there is an installation bracket attached to the wall with four screws, the main panel is then hung on this bracket and is then secured. A P&ID diagram is fixed internally to identify spare parts and wiring connections. Control System The Manifold Control System conforms to NHS Health Technical Memorandum 06-01(HTM06-01) Electrical services supply and distribution. Following Chapter 11 requirement, manufacturer will provide an evidence of Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for the manifold, e.g. EMC test certificate. The system incorporates a graphical display to indicate pressure in each bank of cylinders and line pressure. All alarms are duplicated on a display and embedded membrane panel with LEDs. Digital display is backed up by mechanical gauge in case of power failure. To increase safety, the system has an electronic warning signal to inform the user to perform regular maintenance. The timer is based Atlas Copco Ltd. trading as Atlas Copco Medical Unit 18 Nuffield Way, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK OX14 1RL All electrical components are located in a separate enclosure to limit dust, water penetration and simplify electrical connection with BMS and Alarms. The PCB’s are linked with plug and socket connectors for easy removal. For added safety the voltage inside the panel does not exceed 24V D.C. The control system has a coloured active matrix liquid crystal display (LCD), a driving circuit and a back light system. The display has a 3.5 (4:3) inch diagonally measured active display area with QVGA (320 horizontal by 240 vertical pixels) resolution. The system has a “screen saver” function to extend a lifetime of the display to more then 20,000 hours. To save screen life the display may run at a reduced to ½ brightness. The screen comes to full brightness if any alarm conditions are active, and reverts back to ½ brightness 5 minutes after the panel returns to normal. The system has a restricted Setup Mode to allow adjusting warning levels for line pressure; select pressure measurement system between bar and psi and select the type of alarm output i.e. with Line Contact Monitoring (e.g. connection to Medipoint) or without, e.g. for 3rd party alarm system. Additionally a Service Mode is provided to allow alarms to be deactivated during commissioning and service, as well as allowing manual operation selection of a duty bank. Power Supply To increase serviceability, the system has a separate power supply board. Safety approvals: UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1 approved, compliance to EN55022 (CISPR22) Class B. The system has a universal input and oerates in a wide power range: AC 90 to 264 Volts 50/60 Hz. Power supply board has built-in overvoltage protection circuit and overload protection which recovers automatically after the fault condition is removed. Operation Either the left or right hand manifold bank may be designated “Duty”. The Lifeline® Manifold automatically changes to supply the distribution system from the “Standby” bank when pressure in the “Duty” bank falls to a pre-determined level. Each side of the Lifeline® Manifold is capable of being fully isolated via a full flow ball valve, facilitating changing any regulator without interruption of supply. The inlet of the 1st stage regulator is protected from the particulate matter by a 25µm sintered bronze filter. There is a fail safe system in the event of power failure. Solenoid valves open and there is full continuity of supply pressure and flow. Upon power restoration the unit reverts to the original bank of cylinders. Once changeover has occurred and the cylinders have been replaced, system automatically resets alarm conditions. There are manual changeover buttons so that servicing either side of the system can be simply achieved. For safety reasons, manual changeover to an alre

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