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Part of the Atlas Copeo Group Liquid Ring Camel Liquid Ring Camel Vacuum System • Not affected by liquid contaminates • Secure water supply • Cool operating in high ambient 1 Power is nameplate motor HP and not necessarily the exact draw of the vacuum pump. kW is a conversion from horsepower. 2ALL capacities are calculated using NFPA 99 (reserve vacuum pump on standby) * Units are modular systems Part of the Atlas Copeo Group 1800 Overview Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730

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Most alternative vacuum technologies measure life in terms of "hours". The liquid ring LifeLine" Camel systems, utilizing Nash Engineering™ liquid ring pumps, re-define durability in terms of "decades" of service. It is not uncommon for Nash pumps to have been in service for thirty years or more. What is more incredible is that these pumps only need minimal maintenance over their lifetime. Liquid Ring Operating Liquid ring is a simple technology. A rotor spins a sealing fluid (usually water) inside of a cylindrical housing. Since the rotor is offset to the hous- "buckets" as the rotor...

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