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Lubricated Rotary Screw Medical Vacuum Duplex Modular System with Variable Speed Drive (7.5 thru 20 HP) SPECIFICATION DUPLEX 7.5 - 20 HP MODULAR Modular System Design The BeaconMectes Rotary Screw Medical Vacuum package is fully compliant with NFPA 99. Each system includes: • Four direct driven, oil-lubricated, single stage, air cooled rotary screw vacuum pump modules, fully enclosed, each with a variable speed drive • Vertical air receiver module • Master control module Vacuum Pump Each pump is a direct driven, oil lubricated, single-stage, variable speed, air cooled rotary screw pump with a maximum base pressure capability of 29.9" HgV and capable of continuous duty operation. Airend: The compression profile is of an asymmetric profile design with four lobes on the male rotor and six lobes on the femal rotor. • The male and female rotors are the same in diameter. • The element housing is of cast iron construction. Drive Motor: The drive motor is a totally enclosed, fan cooled design and inverter duty rated. The motor meets NEMA Premium Efficiency rating and is 100% maintenance free. Motor/Airend Connection: The drive arrangement is direct driven design, fully enclosed to protect against dirt and dust intrusion. The drive arrangement does not include gear box reduction. Cooling System: The vacuum package is fitted with an aluminum, air-cooled, oil cooler. The cooling system includes a temperature controlled axial fan. Inlet Air Filter: The filter is a polyester cartridge type and is factory installed inside the vacuum enclosure. • The filter has 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 5 micron. • The service interval of the filter is at least 4,000 hours under normal operating conditions. Oil System: The oil system includes an air/oil separator with oil level indicator. • The service interval of the separator element is at least 4,000 hours under normal operating conditions. • The oil filter is a spin-on type with an integrated bypass valve. • The oil filter element has a 12 micron beta 75 rating and the service interval is at least 4,000 hours under normal operating conditions. • The oil temperature is regulated by means of a thermostatic bypass valve, and oil circulation is achieved through differential pressure. • The oil is synthetic and rated for a change interval of 8,000 hours under normal operating conditions. • The oil separation system has a discharge oil carry over rating of less than 3 PPM across the entire operating range (1013 to .35 mbar). • The oil vacuum system has a total oil capacity of 4.2 gallons. • Oil separator design is of multiple vertical elements, easily replaceable by one person. • Separator discharge includes a drip leg internal to the enclosure with drain piped to outside of enclosure. Enclosure The enclosure of each vacuum unit is a steel sound attenuating canopy with removable panels. The sound attenuating material is flame retardant polyurethane foam. The vacuum canopy has a hot-cold design, that isolates all heat producing components from all other components. Piping Each vacuum pump is shipped with loose inlet and outlet npt flange adaptors and loose inlet valve. Vacuum Pump Controls Each pump contains a control cubicle designed to NEMA 1 standards, with an EMC filter installed and a line reactor (choke) installed. Regulating and Control System: Each unit has a regulating system which is of the variable-speed design, controlled by a vacuum inlet pressure sensor which senses the pressure variations at the vacuum inlet and adjusts the speed of the vacuum to maintain a stable inlet pressure. • Full variable-speed drive regulation is combined wtih start/stop regulation to automatically stop the vacuum as required during low demand periods without idling. • Variable speed drive regulation is capable of 83% turn down from atmospheric pressure to 0.5 mbar. • Equipped with an onboard microprocessor controller which will control, monitor, and protect the operation and condition of the vacuum unit. • Controller has a 3.5" color display. • Controller automatically restarts the vacuum in the event of a voltage failure. • Controller is capable of graphing any of the measured temperature or pressure inputs on the display, with an adjustable time frame from four minutes to ten days. The control system monitors the following items: • Discharge air pressure • Element outlet temperature and ambient temperature • Vacuum status • Motor overload status • Running hours, loaded hours, and regulated hours Vacuum protective functions include: • Emergency stop • Element outlet temperature • Service warnings • Drive and cooling fan motor overload Master Control System The NFPA Vacuum pump control panel is rated for 115V single phase electrical service and features a full color graphic display. The control system controls multiple vacuum pumps and regulates the net pressure within programmable limits by starting and stopping or controlling the speed of the vacuum pumps according to a programmed algorithm. • Automatic lead/lag sequencing and alternation • Visual and audible reserve unit alarm with isolated contacts for remote alarm • Automatic alternation of all vacuum pumps with provisions for simultaneous operation if required, automatic activation of reserve unit if required. • Equalization of run hours for all vacuum pumps, with the start of the pump with the least hours first, and the stopping of the pump with the most hours first. • Visual and audible alarm indication for high discharge air temperature shutdown with isolated contacts for remote alarm. Vacuum Receiver The vacuum receiver is ASME Code stamped, and rated for full vacuum. A manual drain and vacuum gauge are provided on the receiver. BeaconMed*s • 1059 Paragon Way, Rock Hill, SC 29730 • Phone: (803) 817-5600 • Fax: (803) 817-5750 •

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