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BeaconMedaes Solutions Provider The Enclosed Scroll compressed air systems from BeaconMedaes provide the right solution for your high quality air needs. Providing cost efficient, high quality air in a compact, quiet package, the LES compressed air systems are an ideal choice for point of use or central supply applications. The LES products are simple, easy to use and extremely reliable. With Service Support, BeaconMedaes brings the complete solution for your medical equipment air needs. Complete Service & Support We offer the industry’s most comprehensive technical support. Whether you need...

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Applications within medical facilities cannot risk any chance of oil contamination in the processes, so it is essential that the compressed air is 100% oil-free. The LES provides 100% oil free, clean air by preventing oil from entering your compressed air system. With no metal-to-metal contact between compression scrolls, there is no need for oil lubrication in the compression chamber. The scroll compression principle guarantees high quality, oil-free air. With ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified quality air, the risk of oil is eliminated. Scroll Compressor Air compression is achieved through the...

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Medical Equipment Air - 4

LES 2- 7.5: Complete Range The LES mono unit is a complete package, including the element, drive motor, aftercooler and starter in a super silent acoustic enclosure to be installed directly into the work environment. Available with an integrated refrigerant dryer and with two receiver options, the LES mono unit is a total workplace solution with a minimal footprint. State-of-the-art element • Highly efficient profile • Robust, reliable design and easy access for service • Low vibration levels Motor efficiency • High-efficiency motor IE3/NEMA Premium as standard • Totally enclosed air-cooled...

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Medical Equipment Air - 5

Silent insulated canopy • A sound insulated canopy makes extremely low noise levels as low as 55 dB(A) possible, allowing for installation of the unit closer to the point of use Cool canopy • Increased ventilation due to the vertical design • Lower element & air outlet temperatures • Oversized cooler improving the performance of the unit • Improved canopy design: better dryer performance and easy access Integrated receiver • Plug and play solution, lower installation costs with 30 liter (8 gallon) intergrated receiver and 270 liter (71 gallon) tank-mounted option

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Medical Equipment Air - 6

LES 10-30: Modular & Flexible The LES multi-scroll units bring in the benefits and flexibility of a modular system utilizing two to four compressor modules integrated into one canopy. The controller continuously monitors the status of each element and starts and stops the compression elements, thereby ensuring that the compressed air output matches the air demand. Air inlet filter • High efficiency paper cartridge air inlet filter eliminating dust and particles down to 1 µm High efficiency scroll element • Air-cooled scroll compressor elements with 8 and 10 bar (116 and 145 psig) variants,...

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Medical Equipment Air - 7

Intelligent graphic controller • While running the Variable Air Delivery algorithm, the graphic controller matches the required air demand, eliminating unload power consumption Optimized cooler & piping • The air cooler is fine tuned for improved performance, while the use of aluminum & stainless steel pipes improve reliability over lifetime and assure the high quality of compressed air Smart design • Outstanding user-friendly design, with safety in operation & ease of serviceability in mind Variable air delivery • The LES multi units (10-30 Hp) are equipped with multiple scroll modules....

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