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What is Medical Instrument Air? BeaconMed^s is always seeking to find innovative ways to save facilities money and labor. Since 2002, NFPA has permitted the use of Medical Instrument Air as an alternative for Nitrogen, and BeaconMed^s is pleased to make that option worth considering for your facility. Medical Instrument Air is compressed air purified to meet the requirements of the Instument Society of America and NFPA, and distributed at pressures comparable to nitrogen. The inital cost of the system is usually higher than a comparable nitrogen manifold, but because it is very inexpensive...

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nstrument Air BeaconMedæs is Ready Your BeaconMedæs representative can start you off right away with an analysis of your present situation to see if Instrument Air is the right dollars and cents choice for you. They will also help you design a system most suitable for your requirements and then can provide the right Instrument Air package, outlets, alarms and control cabinets even pipe labels - to complete your Instrument Air installation and get you started saving money right away. After the installation is up and running, service contracts are available to ensure your system runs...

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• Savings on operation compared to cylinder gas. • Savings on labor - no cylinders to handle. • Improved safety for staff. Instrument Air Specifications Output (FAD) Power Liters/ SCFM HP kW Minute SIMPLEX (with cylinder backup) Capacities are calculated as per NFPA 99. All units capable of 185 PSI, (1,280 kPa) delivery pressure. Compressors produce 200 PSIG (1,380 kPa) or greater. BeaconMed^s A company within the Atlas Copco Group 1800 Overview Drive Rock Hill, SC 29730 Tel: 888.4MEDGAS (463.3427)

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