Medical Scroll Air Retrofit


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Medical Scroll Air Retrofit - 1

Medical Scroll Air Retrofit

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Medical Scroll Air Retrofit - 2

Make Your System Like New Again Key Features Serviceability • Tip-seal replacements can be done directly in the field, saving time and expediting service. • Tip-seal kits are available for any of our existing models. Minimal Downtime • OEM Service Kits are available, ensuring service can be performed with minimal downtime. Scroll Element Cost Savings • With the ability to service your system directly in the field, replacement compressors are no longer necessary, reducing future maintenance costs. Peace of Mind • Kits are designed to meet your specific application. Compact Design • The...

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Medical Scroll Air Retrofit - 3

Easy Upgrade The BeaconMedaes Medical Scroll Retrofits include every component needed to easily upgrade your system all at once. Our kits make your system like new again. 1. Existing Scroll Air Tower 2. Remove compressor and existing piping 3. Replace with Scroll Retrofit kit

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Medical Scroll Air Retrofit - 4

Beacon® Complete Service and Support We offer the industry's most comprehensive technical support. Whether you need a question answered, medical gas equipment repaired, or preventative maintenance program, BeaconMedaes is there for you. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 1 Normal operating conditions at maximum ambient temperature of 105°F. Consult BeaconMedaes for higher ambient conditions. 1 All capacities are shown in Inlet Cubic Feet per Minute (ICFM).

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