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Medical Vacuum Filters

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MV Series Medical Vacuum Filters Our new BeaconMedaes Medical Vacuum (MV) Filters are engineered to protect the vacuum system as well as workers who must maintain this equipment and the surrounding environment These bacterial filters for medical vacuum are installed at the inlet of the vacuum pump to remove any liquid, solid or bacterial contamination which could damage the vacuum pump and release harmful exhaust into the downstream air. Our innovative, high efficiency medical vacuum filtration solutions fully comply to medical gas pipeline systems standards NFPA 99, HTM 02-01, and ISO...

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Medical Vacuum Filters - 3

Key Features and Benefits An Ideal Solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities of Any Size • Single point standalone system • Additional custom site solution available when floor space is an issue Modular Cascade Design Ensures Optimal Flows • Standardized filter cascade reduces parts inventory and simplifies overall installation complexity and service downtime Easy to Install • Filter cascades design for easy installation and logistically can be broken down quickly to accommodate any door entrance • Efficient modular design makes them more lightweight and can be handled with ease on...

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Medical Vacuum Filters - 4

BeaconMed^^ MV Single Point Solution Technical Specil 1. All system capacities shown as NFPA system capacities (reserve vacuum pump on standby). 2. All vacuum filter capacities shown as a system with 1 filter isolated (not in use). 3. All vacuum filter capacities shown with filters efficient to 0.3p and 99.97% HEPA or better. Filter capacity within +/- 10% tolerance of the vacuum pump capacity. 4. For “Expandable" vacuum systems, always size filter to the expansion capacity. 5. For vacuum systems, SPC and Modular configurations are the same capacity and require the same filter sizing....

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