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mVAC Medical Vacuum Systems

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mVAC Medical Vacuum Systems The BeaconMedæs mVAC Medical Vacuum Systems consist of between two and six air-cooled, oil-lubricated rotary vane type vacuum pumps and a central controller with an intelligent graphical user interface. The pumps can work independently to satisfy the required vacuum flow. mVAC systems are suitable for both continuous and frequent start/stop operation. They keep the vacuum level at the point of connection as low as or lower than -600 mbar(e) (-450 mm Hg) at all times. The mVAC system offers (multiple) backup supply in case of failure of individual functional...

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A Reliable Source of Medical Vacuum Ultra-reliable A reliable source of medical vacuum is critical to patient safety. The carbon composite material of mVAC pumps will not break down or wear out like laminated blades. Specially designed channels on the surface of the rotor blade significantly improve oil circulation to further enhance reliability. And if the central controller should fail, every pump still has its own controller. Every mVAC system is subject to comprehensive QA controls and is fully tested prior to dispatch. In the unlikely event of the central controller failing, pumps will...

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Quality Components Vacuum Pump Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps offer high flow capacities. They are simple and economical to install and operate, and are quiet and vibration free. They provide smooth, pulse-free vacuum and have low starting and running torque. The vanes are constructed from composite material for a long lifetime of use (up to ten years under normal operating conditions) and low noise levels. Motor Optimally sized to suit the demands of frequent starts found in medical applications, each motor is air-cooled by an integral fan and protected by an overload fitted...

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Vacuum Vessel Tank-mounted Variant The vacuum vessel is a mandatory back-up in the rare occurrence that all vacuum pumps are down. It also acts as a buffer for peaks in the flow demand. Tank-mounted mVAC Systems are complete stand-alone assemblies with all components and filters mounted on a single horizontal vacuum galvanised vessel. The painted steel finish provides excellent durability with good resistance to oils, grease, etc. It dries to a hard film with hard abrasion and impact resistance. This configuration provides a compact, lowfootprint unit specifically designed for ease of...

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Increased Connectivity Get the most out of your mVAC system with our next-generation Elektronikon® control and monitoring system. Elektronikon® controls every single pump and regulates system pressure to push energy efficiency to new levels. Controlling and monitoring your system has never been easier. ES-VAC Central Controller for control of the overall mVAC system • User-friendly: 5.7-inch high-definition colour display with clear pictograms and LED indicators • Internet-based pump visualisation using a simple Ethernet connection • User-friendly, multilingual user interface and durable...

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Pump Controller for control of individual vacuum pumps • Easy to use intuitive navigation system with clear pictograms and LED indicators • Ultra-reliable and highly durable keyboard • Automatic restart after voltage failure • If the central controller should fail, every single pump has its own pump controller Pump Redundancy Scheme mVAC Medical Vacuum Systems complying with HTM 02-01 and ISO 7396-1 are provided with at least two standby pumps (i.e. the design flow of a system with three pumps is provided by a single pump.) mVAC systems complying with HTM 2022 are provided with at least one...

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