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mVAC Medical Vacuum System 400v 50Hz & 380v 60Hz – EN ISO 7396-1/HTM 02-01 and HTM2022 mVAC MEDICAL VACUUM SYSTEM SPECIFICATION mVAC Medical Vacuum The mVAC Medical Vacuum System shall conform to EN ISO 7396-1/ NHS Health Technical Memorandum No. 02-01 (HTM 02-01) or NHS Health Technical Memorandum No. 2022 (HTM 2022) - depending on model selected. The Medical Vacuum System shall ensure the minimum pipeline vacuum level of 450mmHg is maintained at the plant service connection point at the rated volumetric ‘free air’ flow rate with either two pumps in standby (ISO7396-1/HTM02-01) or with one pump on standby (HTM2022). The bacteria filtration system shall be ‘duplexed’ such that each filter can be isolated for replacement of the filter cartridge. Vacuum Pumps Vacuum pumps shall be air-cooled, oil lubricated rotary vane type suitable for both continuous and frequent start/stop operation at nominal inlet vacuum levels of between 578mmHg and 728mmHg. Composite carbon fibre rotor blades shall be fitted to minimise the cost of maintenance. Rotors shall be driven by directly coupled TEFV, IE2 efficiency electric motors. Pump inlets shall include a wire mesh filter and integral non-return valve to prevent oil suck back and pressure increases in the vacuum system. Each vacuum pump shall have an integral separator filter to ensure a virtually oil-free exhaust. Each pump shall be fitted with anti-vibration pads between the pump foot and mounting frame. Bacteria Filters The duplex bacteria filter system shall incorporate high efficiency filter elements. A differential vacuum indicator shall be installed across the filter to indicate blockage. Additional pressure sensors shall be installed at the inlet and outlet of the filter to measure the pressure drop across the filters. Each filter shall be designed and sized to carry the full plant design flow capacity with a pressure drop not exceeding 33mbar (25mmHg). Bacteria Filter elements shall have penetration levels not exceeding 0.005% when tested by the sodium flame method in accordance with BS 3928:1969 and utilising particles in the 0.02 to 2 micron size range. Drain flasks shall be connected to each filter. Drain flasks shall be manufactured from transparent Pyrex® with a polymer coating on the inner and outer surfaces in order to maintain a seal in the event of inadvertent breakage of the Pyrex® flask. All drain flasks shall be suitable for sterilisation and be connected via a manual isolating valve. Optional Control Equipment An advanced monitoring system shall be available to give immediate access to valuable information such as system status, trends, historical data and system performance. Data collected from all pumps shall be made available in real-time visualisation pages and shall be accessed through the hospital’s LAN, such that total data security is assured. The Airconnect™ monitoring system shall also include :• Logging and trending for an accurate performance status of your system. • Desktop event notification to avoid constant status checking. • E-mail and SMS event notification for additional convenience. Optional Items There shall be the followings options available for enhanced operation of the vacuum plant system:• Synthetic oil for increased pump life. • Painted hot dipped galvanised vessels. • Oil level switch and integrated ES-VAC alarm for notification of low oil level in the pumps. Vacuum Receiver(s) Vacuum receiver(s) shall be supplied with relevant test certificates and have a total volume of at least 100% of the plant output in 1 minute in terms of free air aspired at normal working pressure. Each vacuum receiver shall be hot dip galvanised inside and out. Pyrex® is a registered trademark of Corning Glass. The standard range of BeaconMedæs Medical Vacuum plant systems are ‘CE’ marked under the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC with approval from notified body no. 0088 (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance). Under this directive, the specified products are classified as Class IIa Medical Devices. Control System The central control system shall provide an intelligent human machine interface incorporating on board flash memory and real-time clock for recording operational parameters in the in built event log. The central control system shall operate at low voltage and include BMS connection for common fault. Visualisation of plant inputs, outputs and status through a web browser, using a simple Ethernet connection shall be available. The central control unit shall incorporate a user friendly 5.7” high-definition colour display with clear pictograms and LED indicators, providing easy access to system operational information. Cascading of vacuum pumps shall be achieved by measuring the vacuum level at the plant inlet with a pressure transducer. A mechanical back-up facility shall ensure continued operation in the event of a control system malfunction. The control system shall normally employ automatic rotation of the lead pump to maximise pump life and ensure even wear. BeaconMedæs ● Telford Crescent, Staveley, Derbyshire S43 3PF ● Tel: +44 (0) 1246 474 242 ● Fax: +44 (0) 1246 472 982 Company Reg No. 2957933 (English) ● Company VAT Reg No. 598612590 ● ● Constructionline Reg No. 75463 ● CHAS accred

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Lifting area, prefered transportation without wooden bottom Typical Layout ^ Lifting eyes for crane transportation

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Note! mVAC-6600-H includes 4 x vessels Drawing shows other models not used in this range and are for illustration purposes only.

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Lifting area, prefered transportation without wooden bottom Model L (ength) W (idth) H (eight) LMA WMA F G I (nlet) 0 E (xhaust) 0 V (essel con.) 0 BeaconMed^s • Telford Crescent, Staveley, Derbyshire S43 3PF • Tel: +44 (0) 1246 474 242 • Fax: +44 (0) 1246 472 982 Company Reg No. 2957933 (English) • Company VAT Reg No. 598612590 • • Constructionline Reg No. 75463 • CHAS accredited contractor • SAFEcontractor Reg No. N00184450

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