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Oil-less Medical Air Tank Mounted Reciprocating Compressor More Than a Compressor Complete Tank Mounted LifeLine Medical Air systems are much design of clean, dry air systems. more than simply air compressors. Our ability to evaluate and apply air They are an integral part of a patient compressors, dryers, filtration, regulation, and dew point/CO instrumenta- complete NFPA compliant systems with life support system. As such, each component must be carefully designed to tion has enabled us to develop the ensure the air purity and operational fully integrated LifeLine® series. Fully compliant with NFPA 99. an integral air receiver. The package includes fully duplexed desiccant dryers, as well as fully duplexed final line filters and regulators - all factory wired and piped for single point connections. Additionally, all systems are supplied with combination dew point/CO monitors. All packages are equipped with a heavy-duty spring isolation system for remarkably smooth, vibration-free operation. An integral three-valve bypass that allows individual compressor isolation as well as a complete air receiver bypass is included on all Medical Air systems. All LifeLine® “SPC” systems are 100% factory tested and shipped as complete, pre-assembled packages. 3 HP Tank Mounted System

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The Importance of System Flexibility Isolation System Each compressor and motor base is fully isolated from the air receiver by means of a four-point, heavy duty, spring isolation system for a minimum of 95% isolation efficiency. Where required by local or state regulations, optional seismically restrained isolators can be provided. Consistently Low Dew Points Regardless of load conditions, LifeLine® systems produce a consistently low dew point well below the requirements mandated by NFPA 99. Furthermore, dryer that has the lowest operating costs and highest reliability in the industry....

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