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Scroll SL130 REV 4/2010 Medical Air Scroll Medical Air

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Built as the result of decades of experience in medical air design introduces the next generation Scroll Design enhancements improve overall system efficiency and serviceability, coupled with the state of the art TotalAlert Embedded control system, this next generation Scroll medical air • Redesigned Lifeline dryer system for guaranteed dew point, minimal leak points, and improved serviceability • New fittings and connectors to reduce potential leak points and conserve • Single point connections for intake, outflow, electrical and drainage • Touchscreen controls for system operation, alarms...

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The LifeLine medical air dryer delivers clean, dry medical air all the time. The unique aftercooler design ensures effective dryer operation even under heavy duty conditions, guaranteeing dew point High efficiency coalescing filters remove particles and liquids from the air stream to protect the dryers and to protect your medical air delivery. The repressurization cycle in the dryer adds an additional safeguard against desiccant dusting and valve wear. Dryer Efficiency The LifeLine heatless desiccant dryers utilize dew point dependent purge control to guarantee the lowest possible energy...

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Trend sereens for historical potential problems. Touchscreen Functionality The Scroll LifeLine Medical Air systems feature high-detail touchscreen controls. All systems incorporate a large "system" screen with additional "unit" screens for each pump/motor combination. Easy-to-read color graphics and icons make navigation a breeze and portray the system's vital • Motion sensor activates screen life • Self-diagnostic alerts to inform you of potential system problems before becoming alarm/ shutdown conditions TotalAlert Embedded The TotalAlert Embedded controls enable you to network your...

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Maintenance Made Simple Anodized aluminum blocks stream design. Flanged and O-ring type connections make servicing the system a snap and prevent costly leaks Aftercooler Design separate cooling fans from those used for cooling the compressors. Individual fans dryer of 75 degrees above ambient. Another Insurance that the dryers will operate as Zero Loss Electronic Drain The Zero Loss Electronic drain valve ensures that your drains are fully cleared without the Scroll Medical Air System. Scroll Towers While minimizing footprint, the tower design allows ease of access motor, belts, and...

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Space Saving Configurations BeaconMedaes offers the Scroll in a variety of formats designed for ease of installation, maintenance, and above all, to save space over most other compressor For every Scroll installation, an authorized BeaconMedaes service technician provides the system start-up. With critical functions relying on the medical air system, BeaconMedaes ensures the system's proper installation and functioning during start up. • Proper system operation is assured • Time and money savings if problems • Elimination of potential warranty issues 10 - 15 HP Triplex - Quad (Quad shown)...

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