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You have a medical gas emergency...

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LOWP-^SSJPf: tfil TlC Al AL AftM - Ox YGE« LOW. MANUALLY | CONFIRM OXYGEN SUPPLY ISON RESERVE " The TotalAlert Infinity™ Alarm notifies me directly when a medical gas emergency happens. I can now get alerts on my mobile, making it easy to respond to a situation no matter where I am in my facility." Nurse Hospital Engineer iCLiFMHi.lOHM 2,1 iAH LOW " With the new TotalAlert Infinity™ Medical Gas Notification System, I know the problem is being taken care of the moment an alarm happens, allowing me to continue to focus on the welfare of my patients." ^gggj^^VANIFOmRODM^ UOWH&SSUffl MEWCAL...

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Main Hospital Through Ethernet, TotalAlert Infinity™ Notification Systems allow you to replicate, or 'mirror,' signals from one TotalAlert Infinity™ alarm to another located elsewhere in or outside your facility. This ensures that no matter where your alarm is located, the right instruction gets to the right person at the right time.

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The powerful but easy to implement TotalAlert Embedded network allows monitoring of multiple device types at several locations. you can now receive alarm messages directly on your smartphone. Anytime, Any Device Through the TotalAlert Embedded network... Custom Instructions TotalAlert Infinity™ panels are designed to handle any standard and language, including non-Latin alphabets, making it a truly global solution. The system allows your facility to customise instructions for any medical gas emergency situation that may occur. The 8" touch screen makes it easy to personalise screen...

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24/7 Monitoring Through the TotalAlert network, TotalAlert Infinity™ allows a facility’s medical gas equipment to be monitored 24/7 from one central location. Alarm events from enrolled devices are displayed on web pages. TotalAlert Infinity™ includes BACNet over Ethernet capability for connections to any Building Management System. Simplify the accreditation process An on-board history log tracks alarm events. The data can be easily downloaded and printed, simplifying the accreditation proce

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TotalAlert Infinity™ Notification Systems can also monitor any device equipped with 4-20 mA outputs. inifold room NORMAL 4- * AREA SERVED Measure flows, levels, concentrations, humidity, and other parameters and bring those readings right to the nearest alarm panel or any network-enabled device (Note: 4-20mA devices are not included with the alarm itself).

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Easy Integration, Smart Sensor Gas specific sensors packaged with the alarm rough-in box offer a range of diagnostic and troubleshooting features, including gas type verification. A unique heartbeat lets you know at a glance that the sensor is operating correctly.

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TotalAlert Infinity™ Notification Systems are designed to easily upfit older and competitors alarms, including the BeaconMedæs MP125 model. Retrofit kits are available for almost any existing alarm system, including competitor’s panels and HTM Standard alarms. Moreover, new TotalAlert Infinity™ Notification Systems can work in hybrid networks - sending and receiving messages to other (old) types of alarms, including non BeaconMedæs br

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TotalAlert InfinityTM Specifications BeaconMedæs • Part of the Atlas Copco Group • Telford Crescent, Staveley, Derbyshire, S43 3PF, England Tel: +44 (0) 1246 474 242 • • © BeaconMedæs • 2212 0203 35 ed 01 050517 8” Colour Touchscreen display. Screensaver ensures maximum screen life. Indicators as required plus user entered instruction for each alarm condition. Rough in dimensions: 282 mm wide; 232 mm high; 62 mm deep Trim and Screen dimensions: 282 mm wide; 232 mm high; 14.4 mm deep Standard Ethernet, BACnet over Ethernet or Volt free contacts (open on fault). Each...

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