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O2 DUPLEX 5.4 VSD SPC STACK MOUNT m BeaconMeres LifeLine® “Oil-Less" O2 Assured Claw Medical Vacuum Single Point Connection (SPC) Stack Mount Duplex System with Variable Speed Drive (5.4 HP) SPECIFICATION Single Point Connection (SPC) System Design The LifeLine® Oil-Less Claw Medical vacuum package is fully compliant with NFPA 99 and features a common base with single point connections for the electrical panel, intake, and discharge. Each pump and the receiver are connected to a common intake manifold. Each pump is connected to a common discharge manifold. The common base is sized to fit through standard 34.5" doorway. Designed and manufactured with ISO 13485 processes, each system is completely tested before shipment and includes: • Two "oil-less" O2 Assured claw rotary vacuum pumps with two motors • Integral pre-wired control panel with variable speed drive inverter • Horizontal air receiver with full-size three-valve bypass, sized for appropriate demand Vacuum Pump Each pump is a direct driven, non-contacting claw type, capable of operating continuous duty at 27" Hg at sea level. The pumping chamber is oil free. The pump is completely air-cooled with no water requirements. Each pump contains: • 5 micron inlet air filter • Vacuum relief valve • Check valve to prevent backflow through off-cycle units • Flexible connector and isolation valve • High discharge temperature sensor • Oil drain valve and oil sight glass Vacuum Pump Motor Motors are continuous duty, C-face, TEFC, 3450 RPM, suitable for 230/460 or 208V, 60 hertz, 3-phase electrical service. Intake Piping Each vacuum pump has a factory piped intake with integral flex connector, isolation valve, and check valve. Interconnecting piping consists of powder-coated steel tubing and flanges. Vacuum Receiver The vacuum receiver is ASME Code stamped, and rated for a minimum 150 PSIG design pressure. The receiver has a full-size three-valve bypass system to allow for draining of the receiver without interrupting the vacuum service. A manual drain is provided on the receiver. Exhaust Piping Each vacuum pump is factory piped to an exhaust manifold with integral flex connector and drip leg with ball valve and condensate drain. Interconnecting piping consists of powder-coated steel tubing and flanges. An exhaust muffler is shipped loose. TotalAlert Embedded Control System The duplex mounted and wired TotalAlert Embedded control system is U.L. labeled. The control system provides automatic lead/lag sequencing and automatic alternation of vacuum pumps based on first-on/first-off principle with provision for simultaneous operation if required. Automatic activation of reserve unit, if required, will activate an audible alarm as well as a visual alarm on the display screen. Additional components include: • NEMA 12 control panel enclosure • Single variable speed drive • Circuit breaker disconnects for each motor with external operators • Full voltage motor starters with overload protection • 24V control circuit The touch screen controls feature one 5.7" master screen and a 3.5" operating screen for each vacuum pump. Screen displays and functions include: • Service alerts, runtime hourmeters for each pump, system status, system vacuum level • Visual/audible alarm indications with isolated contacts for all standard remote alarms • Event log recording alarms and system activity • Event log recording service warnings and service history • Trend graphs for vacuum level, pump operations, VSD motor speed, and ambient temperature • Ethernet connectivity and embedded web page for remote monitoring • Electronic notifications of alarms and warnings • Integral connectivity to the TotalAlert medical gas network via Ethernet Oxygen Compatibility The O2 Assured vacuum pump is assembled and tested in a clean room with dedicated tools. All parts in contact with the flow stream, gear casing, and bearing surfaces are cleaned with oxygen compatible cleaner. The lubricant in the gear casing as well as the grease used to lubricate the bearings is a special oxygen compatible formula. • Safe for all WAGD applications. • Each vacuum pump is capable of operating safely with up to 60% oxygen content in the compression chamber. The inlet filter is constructed of a fiberglass media to insure there is no fuel to ignite in the compression chamber. Installation The installation of this vacuum technology is limited to 6,000 feet maximum elevation above sea level. For installation of this equipment above this elevation, please contact the factory.

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Control panel pre-drilled for power, alarms, and Ethernet connections for easy electrical installation. TotalAlert Embedded touch screen controls featuring 5.7" master screen and (2) 3.5" operating screens with exceptional clarity and visibility. Motion sensor to activate touch screen displays, preserving screen life. Through the door disconnects for pumps and VSD inverter for safety during service. Vacuum switch as backup to vacuum transducer. In case of transducer failure, system operates effectively. Full-size 3-valve receiver bypass with flanged valves reduce potential leak points over...

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m BeaconMeresTotalAlert Embedded Control System TotalAlert Touch Screen Control • Master screen is 5.7" high resolution LCD with 640x480 pixel display and Unit screens are 3.5" high resolution LCD wtih 240x320 pixel display for exceptional clarity and visibility • Toolbars on all screens with easy access navigation icons that enable full access with minimal touches • Passive InfraRed (PIR) motion sensor activates screen display (under alarm conditions screen is active continuously) Ethernet Connectivity with Embedded Web Page • Built-in web server allows remote operator to view system...

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m BeaconMeres Standard Configuration 5.4 Hp Duplex Notes: Discharge muffler ships loose Allow 36 inches in front of control panel for maintenance and ventilation, all other sides require 24 inches of clearance. Additional drawings/diagrams available for download at Notes: 1. Normal operating conditions at a maximum ambient of 105° F. Consult factory for higher ambient conditions. 2. All capacities are shown as NFPA system capacities (reserve vacuum pump on standby). 3. All system BTU/HR are shown with reserve vacuum pump on standby. 4. All noise levels are shown in...

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