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Part of the Atlas Copeo Group ZMED Medical Air Systems

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Medical Air System delivers clean, dry air with optimum efficiency and reliability to meet the increasing demands of today's healthcare facilities. The Z MED Medical Air System features an all-inclusive, fully engineered modular air system that is • Duplex or multiplex oil-free two-stage rotary tooth compressors •Compressors ranging from 20 Hp • Duplex desiccant dryer module sized specifically for each system • Master controller for the compressors • Receiver tank with electronically controlled condensate drain •Water-cooled or Air-cooled systems Integrated Design seamlessly, ensuring that...

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Z MED Medical Air Systems - 3

Dryer Efficiency The Z MED heatless desiccant dryers utilize dew point dependent purge contralto guarantee the lowest possible energy losses for desiccant regeneration while delivering a totally stable and reliable dew point. The dew point transmitter controls the dryer purge cycle by starting the desiccant bed regeneration cycle when the dew point rises beyond a set point. Purge consumption is matched to compressed air demand, resulting in significant purge air reductions. Installation Ease with minimal piping, wiring and drain connections. Factory-piped and wired comprehensive dryer...

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Z MED Medical Air Systems - 4

Superior Control The Z MED is packed with features such as the master controller that lower your overall cost of ownership and save energy. Utilizing a central controller in a multi-compressor installation leads to the lowest overall energy costs and achieves a tight pressure band. Utilizing a single pressure transmitter, the master controller will start and stop the network compressors to keep the pressure within the limits of the pressure band. A reduced pressure band saves both energy and money. Master Control Features • Precise pressure control for optimal • Control of multiple...

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Z MED Medical Air Systems - 5

Z MED Double Tooth Element The Z MED oil-free rotary tooth compres- sor provides more flow for a given kW with a low, specific-energy consumption, result- ing in the most efficient compressor in this size range. The unique rotary tooth element increases efficiency thanks to two-stage compression. As no venting of the pressure element is required, the energy consumption is con- siderably lower compared to single stage compression systems. With its symmetrical and dynamically bal- anced design, the double tooth element delivers higher flow and consistent perfor- mance over time. The ratio of...

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Z MED Medical Air Systems - 6

For every Z MED installation, an authorized BeaconMedaes service technician provides the system start-up. With critical functions relying on the medical air system, BeaconMedaes ensures the system's proper installation and functioning during start up. • Proper system operation is assured •Time and money savings if problems • Elimination of potential warranty issues Preventive Maintenance The simple modular construction and ser- vice friendly design of the Z MED Medical Air Systems keep maintenance interven- tions to a minimum in both frequency and time. Effective service access combined...

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