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NON-SURGICAL BODY SCULPTING Trend #1 Body contouring in aesthetic cosmetology Who have implemented the Beautylizer treatment have successful cases Financially stable people choose mechanical massage therapy Fastest growing segment in aesthetic Cosmetology (Global annual growth of 19%) Demand for massage increases annually among clients You can see a result after the first visit

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BEAUTYLIZER SMART DEVICE LED therapy provides extra stimulation for collagen fibers and helps to rejuvenate the skin and increase its elasticity SMART TOUCH is a smart scale that shows a load on the body and helps a specialist to maintain the required pressure depending on the area being treated and the required treatment depth The maniple covers an area of 140 cm2 — 72 balls. That’s why treatment takes only 60 minutes and is compliant with the treatment protocol A quiet device with a noise level much lower than that offered by competitors, which makes the treatment comfortable both for the...

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MANUFACTURED BY BEAUTYLINER GROUP 14 years in the market of beauty equipment Components made in Europe Manufacturing facilities in Russia Body contouring product line Products are marketed in 30 countriesе Free delivery of the equipment Warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment Advertising materials, joint promotion of the treatment procedure If you buy the equipment, we will train 2 of your employees free of charge

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RSL SCULPTING When applied, the device makes the tissue to briefly compress and rise providing a “vascular exercise”, which helps to improve microcirculation significantly. Healthy skin without cellulite Vibrocompression has an effect on all layers of the skin, hypodermis, and even muscles There is also an effect on the lymphatic system. The body gets rid of toxins and decay products faster The improved microcirculation as well as enhanced oxygenation and tissue trophism contribute to cell metabolism recover

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Wavelength is 650 nm to 660 nm Penetration depth is 4 mm to 5 mm Restores the skin functions and improves its resistance to aggressive environment Stimulates collagen and elastin production by improving cell metabolism Provides for skin tightening and rejuvenation Improves blood circulation, helps to detoxify the body It’s proven that regular use of light therapy makes the skin more resilient, its elasticity increases by 19%

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Eliminates cellulite (stages 3 and 4) without injuring the skin Fat reduction of up to 2 dress sizes (due to the promotion of lipolysis in the hypodermis) Visible results after the first visit Improved blood circulation and metabolic function Less visible signs of fibrosis Better muscle tone Improved skin tone and quality, smoother skin, better tissue tone Detox effect, promotion of metabolic processes Muscle tension relief, muscle pain reduction Sedative effect on the nervous system, improved sleep, better emotional well-being

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CLINICAL TRIALS The research conducted in the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine in Yaroslavl proved the effectiveness of RSL sculpting with Beautylizer. ▪ ▪ Cellulite at stages 1–3 was detected. They took 15 treatment sessions with an interval of 1 day. Bioelectrical impedance analysis was used for estimating body composition. I.G. Mikhailiuk Manual therapist, neurologist, specialist in aesthetic cosmetology, Candidate of Medical Sciences. 50 women aged 24 to 50 participated in the research. All the women were stuck to their normal routine. Result: A decrease in the number of...

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WHY DOES RSL SCULPTING WORK? Human skin has numerous receptors. They react to various external physical impacts such as a touch, pressure, vibration. Unlike other machine methods, vibrocompression by spheres activates the maximum number of mechanoreceptors as it impacts the tissues in different directions. Better microcirculation Collagen synthesis Adipocyte reduction Receptors MEISSNER’S CORPUSCLES Responsible for sensitivity to light surface touch. RUFFINI ENDINGS Enlarged nerve endings with elongated capsules sensitive to skin stretch. PACINIAN CORPUSCLES Hypodermis sensitive to deep...

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CONTRA INDICATIONS Gynoid lipodystrophy (cellulite of any stage and type) Edema Excessive body fat (stages 1–2) Muscular hypotonia/hypertonia Reduced tissue tone/stretch marks Microcirculation disorder Restless legs syndrome Sports injuries (rehabilitation), lactic acid drainage Massage therapy Oncology with remission up to 5 years Pregnancy Acute infectious, viral diseases Chronic diseases in the acute stage Hyperthermia (increased body temperature) Hemophilia Epilepsy Decompensation of hepatic, renal, heart, or respiratory failure Dermatolog

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RESULTS OF BEAUTYLIZER RSL SCULPTING 10 treatment sessions 35 years old ṭ Ṯỗ treatment sessions ṯṱỗ years old 10 treatment sessions 32 years old 15 treatment sessions 52 years old ṭ Ṭỗ treatment sessions ṯṱỗ years old ṵỗ treatment sessions ṯ Ṭỗ years old

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APPLICATIONS OF BEAUTYLIZER RSL SCULPTING MEDICINE ▪ Preparation for plastic surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation ▪ Vein toning ▪ Promotion of metabolic processes ▪ Physiotherapy Cellulite reduction Loss of 1–2 dress sizes Body fat reduction Better skin tissue tone Elimination of edema and congestion Removal of lactic acid from muscles Preparing for sports competitions Relief of muscle spasms Better muscle tone Improved b

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RSL SCULPTING COMPATIBILITY PRESSURE THERAPY Before the RSL sculpting procedure, take 5–6 pressure therapy treatment sessions. This will increase effectiveness, reduce tissue tension, and you’ll be able to achieve the desired result sooner. CAVITATION THERAPY Cavitation is used to break apart fat deposits. The fat cells are absorbed by your lymphatic system and drained as waste from your body. When used together, these two treatments promote the rapid removal of decay products from the body and smooth skin formation. It is recommended to perform RSL sculpting after a cavitation treatment...

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