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Hydra Facial Amazing All In One Facial Treatment

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Hydra Facial Daily basic skin management system Can treat all people with different ages, skins, colors Can be used with any daily skin care products Can be used with any skin treatment device

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Theory What is Hydrafacial ? Hydrafacial is a technology-driven rejuvenating skin treatment that delivers instant results you can see and feel. It promises to deliver long term skin health and can cater to the specific needs of all skin types. It works by removing dead It can be used for facial lift- skin cells and enriching the ing, firming severe skin and skin with cleansing, hy- diminishing wrinkles drating and moisturising serum

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Handpiece Skin Peeling Deep skin clean, removing skin cell detox, poretightening sebumcontrol & Whitehead. Lontophoresis ION:Using (+) & (-) currents, gives skin elasticity with stimulating the skin tissue and muscles. Multipolar RF Multipolar RF: Collagen remolding & improve skin elasticity .Safe and painless treatment with immediate effect. Ultrasound Ultrasound :Melts fat, maintain skin texture smooth,absorb the nutr

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Handpiece Cooling and Heating Handle Cooling and heating system to contract pores and expand pores for helping solutions absorption BOHR Handle Use carbon oxygen bubble to release oxygen inside the skin for deep cleaning, remove dead skin cell to get smooth skin Oxygen Jet Jet technology to infuse oxygen into the skin , anti-oxidation

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Hydra Facial VS-B - 6

Applications Deep cleaning Skin Nourishment Skin Refresh Face Lifting Skin rejuvenation Facial skin care Blackheads removal Dead skin exfoliator removal

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Hydra Facial VS-B - 7

Good Return Procedures Facial deep cleaning Blackhead Removal Skin Brightening Shrinking Pores Oxygen Renewal Skin Care Management

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Technical Specification Tornado tip Large, Small Vacuum range Radio frequency Input voltage Noise level Ultrasound working mode Continous, Pulse Gross weight Package Dimensions

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Testimonials My clients like the treatment very much. They enjoy the process very much. I am very happy to see my clients’ skins get better! Dr.Erick Smith “After the‘Hydra Facial’ treatment, my patients notice that the skin is tighter, plumper and they are getting compliments on their skin. Dra.Kelly Jones Dr.Albert Brown Its cleaning ability is very good, and will not damage the skin. This machine should be a must-have for every beauty salon, it helps the follow-up beauty p

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