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The most optimal solution for body and skin care innovative 3-in 1 System

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Mins Treatment Dynamic vibration Dramatic Eye lifting Skin lifting Body shaping Cellulite reduction NON-INVASIVE BODY SCULPT

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Vacuum + RF + LED+ Cavitation Vacuum Light Therapy 1. Promotes lymphatic and degraded fat cells drainage and blood circulation 2. Relaxes the tissue and massages the fascia 3. Relieves swelling and greatly improves body and facial contour line 1. Actively promotes the degradation and lipid metabolism of fat cells 2. Ensures tightening of the collagen fibers 3. Light Therapy effect via RF technology 1. Red Led 630nm: stimulate the production of collagen,use to repair damaged tissue and replace old tissue. 2. Blue Led 430nm: usually used to kill the bacteria that cause acne, providing...

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Multishape is the evolution of the slimming and skin tightening technologies through the combination of the Vacuum, RF and Cavitation. Using the new patented technology SuperPulse and slidding motion from the Vacuum, to achieved cellulite reduction and body reshaping, eye & neck lifting management.No pain, effective & completely safe. Large size RF handpiece Middle size RF handpiece Small size RF handpiece Cavitation handpiece

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Clinic Data Who is an Ideal Candidate for MultiShape? Men and women who want to achieve cellulite reduction and inch loss without surgery or downtime and who are at a healthy body weight with no medical contraindications may be ideal candidates for MultiShape. A course of treatment is 6times, each time only takes 45minutes. Do it at least 2times a week and 2weeks in a row easy and fast. Suzy | Age 39 Back circumference 120cm(before) Suzy | Age 39 Reduced 5.2cm (after 6treatments) Back circumference 114.8cm(after)

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This advanced body slimming machine help my clients get cellulite reduction and inchloss without surgery or downtime. Customers are all happy with result and enjoying a healthbody shape. It has been one of the most popular treatment in our store right now! The multi-shape machine bring clients a health way to achieve aestheticgoals. Also It is a traditional green therapy that can improve the body's blood circulation, promote metabolism and enhance the body's immune function. We all love this treatments. I love that I can provide my patients with long lasting, natural body slimming...

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Advanced Patent Technology SuperPulse Technology 15 pulse outputs per second to achieve maximum effect of physical activity Sliding technology facilitating the smooth and free movement of the handpiece which enhances the treatment efficiency Mul�-purpose management Large sie handpeice suitable for buttock, abdomen, back Middle size handpiece, suitable for arm and leg Small size handpiee, suitable for face and neck

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Humanized opera�on interface Simple software Easy operation 3 pulse working models Continue pulse mode: Promotes lymphatic and degraded fat cells drainage and blood circulation Pulse mode: control the level of Vacuum and Release to achieve the best results Super pulse mode:soft and powerful vibrational effect, No pain, effective & completely safe Specification Power Input User Inter Face RF Cavitation Vacuum Treatment Time 110V~240VAC 50/60 Hz 10.2Inch Touch LCD Frequency : 1.2MHz Bi-Polar , Multi Polar , Max 50W Light Therapy : Red LED (630nm) , Blue LED (430nm) Frequency: 1MHz ± 10% Max...

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Triceps beachii Biceps beachii MultiShape $120/session Treatment Area Biceps brachii Triceps brachii

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