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Beijing Jingdong Technology Co., Ltd. Address: Jingdong BLDG, Songzhuang, Tongzhou District, Beijing, 101118, China Tel: 400-686-3826 Website: E-mail: ®JING DONG JING DONG REG SOLUTION [ Patent number: 2017302373909, 2017302380283, 2017302377488 , 2017302380654]

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Design Concept Create and develop a well organized storage and transportation system, which is safer, more harmonious and more intelligent. Create a low-carbon ecology and a rational medical space management organization, and make the medical care environment safer and more humanized

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High value consumable warehouse Sterile warehouse Disposable consumables wareh Recycling room Changing Room Medical office Dressing room Conference room Emergency rooip/ Observation room Nurse Station

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SEIRI    SEITON SEISO SEIKETSU SHITSUKE SAFETY The status of hospital medicine storage and transfer 1. Without standardized storage and transportatlontools, secondary pollution Is easily caused by the transltprocess 2. The storage of all kinds of medicine and instruments has strict warehouse management regulations 3. With basic storage and transfer facilities, such as shelves, trays, cabinets, etc., delicacy management facilities are deficient. 4. The standardization degree of storage facilities is different. Different departments have large differences and inconvenient for unified...

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- REG SOLUTION - Integrated solution of comprehensive 6S medical storage management Solution of visual management storage Customized service in the whole hospital, infrastructure starts to plan future work flow for you Trolley, table, cabinet combination storage, space utilization is more reasonable Storage on the wall Ground transparency Cleaner and more comprehensive

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• Medication Trolley: JDTCZ151A Dimensions : 80616581950mm • Doublewide T rolley: JDTCZ151B Dimensions : 145616581950mm • Wall Sink : JDGSC154 Dimensions: 197016251775mm (Wall fixed) • Wall Top cabinet : JDGWP152E Dimensions: 66515651500mm • Wall Cabinet : JDGWP152F • Wall Cabinet : JDGWP152G

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2. More storage functions o Pipe Storage Stent (Customize number of conduit hooks as required) o Combination of storage accessories

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3. Label Management JDPRS154C Dimensions: L600*W400*200mm 2. Flexible partition system 13/14

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. Storag Cabinet A: JDGYX121A . Storage Cabinet B : JDGYX121B    . Storage Cabinet C : JDGYX121C • Cabinet A: JDGCZ121A    .Cabinet B : JDGCZ121B    . Cabinet C : JDGCZ121C • Cabinet With Catheter Unit: JDGZH121 Dimensions: 1000*500*2000mm Catheter Combination Cabinet (Show Examples) • Cabinet D: JDGCZ121D    • Cabinet E :JDGCZ121E    • Cabinet With Cooler : JDGHW321

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• Color choices The simple and uniform color highlights its professionalism and practicality The diverse colors are applied in different departments, and the visual information of the difference is conveyed, and the perception is also different. REG solution can match the overall design style of the hospital, and customize the color that belongs to you. • Standard Cabinet A :JDTCZ121 A Dimensions: 910*670*900mm • Standard Cabinet B : JDTCZ121B Dimensions: 910*670*900mm • Wall Sink: JDGSC121 Dimensions: 910*670*2000mm •Triple Unit Manual Rubbish Cabinet: JDGWW321 Dimensions : 1200*620*900mm

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• High-value consumption area • Catheter storage cabinet JDGDG121A    • Catheter storage cabinet :JDGDG121B    • Pipe storage cabinet: JDGDG121C    • Transport Trolley: JDEXS121    • Infusion Trolley : JDTPY121    • Distribution Trolley: JDEPY121

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REG Aluminum alloy racks • Medicine trolley: JDESY223A    • Medicine trolley : JDESY223B W4-J • Multiple Height Options

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REG Racks Workstation trolley : JDTCZ223A • Workstation trolley : JDTCZ223B Dimensions: 1376*500*900mm    Dimensions: 2030*500*900mm • Workstation trolley : JDTCZ223C Dimensions : 2030*975*900mm REG Catheter racks • Catheter rack: JDADG223A    • Catheter rack: JDADG223B • Catheter rack : JDADG223C Dimensions : 683*459*1600mm • Rack: JDACW223D    • Rack: JDACW223E    • Rack: JDACW223F Dimensions : 1336*459*2000mm    Dimensions : 1336*459*2000mm    Dimensions : 1990*459*2000mm

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