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Z16-A NEW HOSPITAL catalog

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?(hearth inducsy ±—i b 5? magmas £imr, 2005 fpss % i t&mm&mw^ 0 In the year of 1984, 'Jingdong' brand was established in Beijing-the capital city of China, it was a production branch of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation.The company's name was Beijing Tongxian Jingdong Instrument Factory, in 2005, the company was renamed as Beijing Jingdong Technology Co., Ltd. Jingdong is the earliest company in the north of China which specializes in the healthcare products and hospital furniture over 30 years. It mainly manufactures and provides hospital logistic solution, new hospital...

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JING DONG ofneollh nductfy Design Center This is a collision of inspiration perfectionist team. They show the best vivid appearance to our clients, This team has a strong developing product technical support team. They play a main role in research, development, design, test and Manufacturing Center This is our production group, they have been innovating, have been studying, calm In facing of challeng- es and enrich themselves, who will Service Center This team has a complete after-sale services arid rigid management system. Their objectives are: 'Reputation First, Customers Foremost,...

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Jingdong has been serving thousands of large hospitals and medical institutions for over 30 years. Intelligent manufacturing is in praise of customers and end-user globally. Quality first, Service first. We dedicate to provide premium quality hospital furniture and services in medical industry, meanwhile supply outstanding design solution to enhance the hospital, clinics and nursing home operating harmonious.safety, efficiency.

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JING DONG Costa Rica Gabonese Republic Harvard University North Korea Saudi Arabia South Africa South Korea United Arab Emirates INPATIENT AREA Ergonomics design, friendly environmen:, more comfortable Products portfolio solution, integrated planning, promoting image 'COMPLEMENTARY FURNITURE Various colors, unique design, traditional environment revolution Multiple functions, integrated planning, simplify work flow Strict partition control, work efficiency, improve work flow management 304 stainless steel, premium quality, corrosion resistant, abrasion resisiant, anti-rusted "radihonal...

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JING DONC- LORI WARD LORI Lateral Tilt Bed LORI EleclricBed LORI Supplementary Furniture MEGA WARD MEGA Supplementary Furniture MEGA Solid Wood Electric Bed MEGA Solid Wood Manual Bed MEGA Solid Wood Supplementary Fumilure 33 fHI^UKftRfe-fc MEGA Accessones and Colors CLASSIC WARD ammamf* KARI EledncBed KARI Supplementary Furniture OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY, PEDIATRICS SSBBS??* LORI Shanng Bed MsS&B MEGA Sharing Bed msJ VWP&SK MEGA Pediatrics Youth Bed fflRJlWa* II ft PRAY Care Pediatrics Bed II KB5JLWSJ* I ft PRAY Care Pediatrics Bed I rflKSJU* PRAY Care Newborn Bassinets SUPPLEMENTARY...

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The side rails design is extracted from a relax smile face. The bed head, foot and side rails deliver a positive attitude to make the patients comfortable. The bed head and foot's design derives from the shape of slioulder curves. It creates warmth feeling and the sense of security. Pneumonia Atelectasis, Deep vein BSM^f S£i POTENTIAL COMPLICATIONS DUE TO IMMOBILITY Turning the patients, patting back, move patients, and changing bedding are daily works of nurses and caregiver, but these heave physical work influence their career and health badly. LORI lateral tilt bed has one-button control...

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JING DONG Back rati Fowler Position Ortnopedic Trendelenburg Revere Trendelenburg Back rest Fowler Position Ortnopedic Back rest Back rest

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JING DONG LORI Supplementary Furniture Attendant Couch Overbed Table MEGA WARD

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JING DONG Backrest Leg rest Height Fowler Position Trendelenburg Revers Trendelenburg Weighing The design concept of Mega Ultra-low nursing bed is original from both the passion of healthcare industry and the concern of patients. Most recently has witnessed increasing frequency of medical accident, such as patients falling off from the bed. The application of ultra-low bed has significantly reduced the risk of falling down from the bed. In addition, it also prevents the secondary injury from falling down from bed which may cause the patient stay on the bed longer, increase the cost of...

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JING DONG Fowler Position Trendelenburg Revers Trendelenburg Weighing Back rest Leg rest Fowler Position

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JING DONG MEGA Supplementary Furniture MEGA Bedside Cabinet A MEGA Bedside Cabinet B MEGA Bedside Cabinet C MEGA Overbed Table Mega series bedside cabinet equipped with large drawers and cabinet for storage, the diffierent solutions are especially design for the nursing homes, hospital or clinic centers in relation to create warmth atmosphere and make the user feels like home. In addition, user can obtain fully relaxation during the long treatment process. Surface is made from HPL Material Aluminum alloy molding pillar Smooth, quiet operation Two castors with brakes Mega series dining table...

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MEGA Series MEGA Accessories

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JING DONG Orthopedic Trendeenburg Revers Trendelenburg Weighing KARI Supple- mentary Furniture ABS Luxury Bedside Cabinet Attendant Couch

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PPDSKR Product Name fijMSR\f External Dimensions I^SR \t Lying Surface Dimensions ?f)f?tj Functions SUSSiSIS Leg rest Adjustment rSSiffll? Height Adjustment }Pt*«Ct§ Side Rails LORI Orthopedics Traction Bed ZOEY Orthopedics Traction Bed ^?fj|g Single Function ffljtit ABStPesEJrrftFeFour-Secrion ABS or Collapsible Side Rails ^SsEfliPieS!!*^ Central or Wheels Brake System 2023 x 793 x 1503mm, tS^&tf® Aluminum alloy 2235 x 502 x 1455mm, ^tSIBQffi Stainless steel

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Clear Fence Cradle design 360° degree visibility brings several benefits to the newborn, their families and Care givers. Clear Fence Cradle color can be customized Smoothness,Safeness, No obtuse angle Removable, Setup easily Bed Head & Foot board color can be customized visibility Cradle Back rest Fowler Position

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JING DONG mtzmm, m) Li$gfijsstsg&iiw, mkfrmwrtc The concept of 'Bed-sharing' came from the research of the Newborns care. The research shows that, the infants thought the safest environment is they can feel their mother's temperature. Now, Jingdong applies this concept into the existing

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