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Z18 A NEW HOSPITAL Catalogue

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"The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is officially the cornerstone of the new plantI Thank you for all the leadership, die user community "ita region de Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei es ojkialmente la pledra angular de la nue\a planta! Gracias poi' todo el hderutgo. la comunidad de usuaiios. Y and all the people who have been i writing hard. Thank you for your company! Jingdong has been on the journey of 33 years, exploit todas las personas que han cstado trabajando duro. {Gracias por su compahial jingdong ha eslado en cl cammo dc 33 ados, explotarmicvos new markets, and the brand has attracted wide...

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JING DONG ABOUT (Sobre)$^p| JINGDONG In the year of 1984, 'Jingdong’ brand was established in Beijing-the capital city of China, it was a En el a ho de 1984, la marca ‘Jingdong" se establecib en Beijing, la capital de China, era una sucursal ce production branch of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation .The company's name was production de China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation. El nombre de la compahia era Beijing Beijing Tongxian Jingdong Instrument Factory. In 2005, the compary was renamed as Beijing Tongxian Jingdong Instrument Factory. En 2005, la compahia fue...

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PRODUCTION WORKSHOP (Taller de produccion)

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COMPANY CERTIFICATES (Certificados de empresa) COMPANY TEAM (Equipo de empresa) (El reprosorttante de la competencia central de Jingdong es una cc*»on del equipo perfeccionista de la msprracibn Muestran la mejor apariencia vivida a nuestros clientes. quienes so adhioron al ontusiasmo del diseno y se orientan a los detalles.) Business Development (Desarrollc de negocios) The first time to respond.customer first.s'ncerity and pragmatism, al user-centric, martcet-oriented, all-round improve the level of service,unity and cooperation,all for the user needs (La primera vez que respcndemos. el...

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DOMESTICE CASE Caso domestico Jingdong has been serving thousands of large hospitals and medical institutions for over 30 years. Intelligent manufacturing is in praise of customers and end-user globally. Quality first, Service first. (Jingdoog ha eslado sirviendo a miles de grnodes hospttales e instituciones m«dicas por mfis do 30 ah os La tabocaciOn mteligente es un elogio para os clientes y usuanos (males a mvel mondial. Cahdad primero. servicio pnmero.) We dedicate to provide premium quality hospital furniture and services in medical industry, meanwhile supply outs:anding design solution...

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JING DONG INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS Clients    Idomesticos Argentina Australia Bangladesh Brazil Burma Brunei Bolivia Canada Chile Costa Rica Comlombia Egypt France Gabonese Republic Germany Greece Harvard University Honduras Indonesia India Iran Italy Japan Kuwait Kenya Malaysia Iraq Mongolia Morocco Netherland New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria North Korea Norway Oman Panama Peru Philippines Poland Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa South Korea Sudan Switzerland Tanzania Thailand Turkey UK USA United Arab Emirates COMPLEMENTARY FURNITURE (Muebles complementanos)

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Provide a complete and accurate construction plan (Proporcionar un plan de construccidn completo y preciso) Help to build an efficient and orderly medical environment (Ayuda a construir un ambiente medico eficiente y ordenado)

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JING DONG Only provide humanized products that relieve hospital p'essure (Solo proporcione productos humanizados que alivien la presion del hospita) Only use low-carbon eco-friendly and antimicrobial materials (Solo use materiales ecologicos y antimicrobianos de bajas emisiones de carbono)

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SURKXIBaJ    I La cama do Ur.dad De CuiOidoi 22 AREA (Zona de pacientes hospitalizado) LORI LeterU IB Bed    .Coma    lateral ndtoabla-LORIi    24 LOW Sl    m tMu*W«r •up'erianurio da URI» V (Laseriede MEGA) MEG® Etoctnc Bad    (Cama    oloclnca MfGA>    31 MEGA Manual Bed    (Cama    manual MEGA)    32 MEG® 9JK»emenIaiy RjmBjre .MuebVts uiptementa/iosMEGA)    33 MEGA Mssng bW    (Cama    de la casa-MEGA)    33 !A teemxt-s ard Cctcn (Acoosonoa y cctores-MEGA (Habitation de pacientes clasico) •rtmvmonoi    i coma nomm anr. i    3/ Onhcoodcs TrncOcn Bod    1 Cnmo de Iraccdn orlccAdci)    38...

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JING DONG SURIICU La cama de Unidad De Cuidados lntensivos(UCI)-SURI Easy nursing (Enfermeria facil) With daily nursing (Con enfermeria diaria) H usually requires miitple people to complete. which Por to general, requere que vanas personas ccmpleten. to is very labonous on (misting beds lor urconSoouS cuaf es muyiabonoso para encontrar camas para patients, doing daily hygene and other nursing.and pabentes mconsdentes. habendo dianairentela hgiene y the use of lateral function can save a lot of physical otras activdades de enfermeria. y el usode la funcibn power andmanpov/er. lateral puede...

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JING DONG LORI WARD LOR Lateral Tilt Bed POTENTIAL COMPLICATIONS DUE TO IMMOBILITY Ergonomics Design-with a number of patents of Utility Model and Design. Tt»nirg the patients. Mttinj back, move patterns, and clanging bedding are dait> works of nurses and caregiver, but these heave physical woik influence their career and health Oedty LCRI lateral tilt bed has one-button control lure Son to change the patient lateral positon. which assists oltsos and caregiver to turn the patients very easily. LORI lateral tilt bed saves not only nurses’ physioiogkal burden, but labor cost or...

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