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Belimed CA 9600


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Belimed CA 9600 - 1

Carriage Loading Steam Sterilizers - Designed for Large Volume Reprocessing CA 9600 Series Horizontal Steam Sterilizers High Demand and Superior Performance H The perfect fit for large reprocessing facilities. High Demand Belimed’s Carriage Loading steam sterilizers are designed with a focus on large volume reprocessing. Available in single door or double door configurations, these units have the flexibility to meet your demand requirements and configuration constraints. Superior Performance Developed with a focus on minimizing water usage and reducing the potential for wet packs, the CA 9600 series has the most advanced vacuum pump and centrifugal separator in the industry. The new rack and trolley system was designed as an integral component of the chamber allowing up to 600 lbs. of stainless steel instruments. The shelf system has multiple adjustment settings to accommodate various sized instrument sets. ABSOLUTE Confidence

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Belimed CA 9600 - 2

Options Clean Steam ready - an external steam to steam heat exchanger is available when the benefits of contaminate free steam (Clean Steam) are desired: • Prolonged instrument life • Reduced down time due to chamber cleaning • Lower repair costs Water chilled systems - a heat exchanger and cooling loop is available to integrate to chilled water systems to significantly reduce the use of water. Connectivity Belimed’s ICS8535 is available for all Horizontal steam sterilizers. ICS8535 is an IT solution which documents and stores cycle data onto an eternal storage device. The data can be...

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