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Brochure WD 750

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Safe and efficient cleaning of medical and non-medical devices WD 750: Large-scale cleaning, disinfection and drying system in accordance with EN ISO 15883

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The hygienic chamber design, ensures that cross-contamination carryover between each cycle stage is eliminated. Based on innovation and experience As one of the leading companies operating in the area of infection control, Belimed has been developing, producing and marketing innovative cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation systems in the sectors of healthcare, pharmaceutical industry and laboratories for over 40 years now. By an ongoing process in developing their products and New standards in hospitals and clinics the further development on the basis of customer needs, Belimed cleaning,...

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A maintenance-friendly concept: integrated equipment and service compartment with machinery units, utility connections and supply of cleaning containers. A new safety, quality and economic efficiency standard Maximum safety patented connection coupling, featuring patented, The system concept is based on the requirements of the pneu-matic sealing mechanism, also ensures constant- most recent EN ISO 15883 Directive on Cleaning and pressure, no-leakage supply of the load carrier’s direct- Disinfection Devices and on Belimed’s many years of injection system (internal cleaning), consequently...

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All Belimed systems offer a uniform operating interface, thus reducing training requirements and keeping error sources to a minimum. Clear menu navigation and the illuminated color display of the CP-TOP operating panel ensure even better user comfort. Groundbreaking design, function and quality The WD 750 large-scale cleaning system is based on individual customer requirements and consistent implementation of the most recent guidelines and directives. Cleaning and disinfection system • The easy-to-service, integrated equipment and service The electronically driven, oscillating spray system...

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Reliable process control Operating safety and reliability play an important role in Cycle documentation / IT systems the development of the WD 750. Every detail demonstrates A cycle log with all process data detected by sensors the needs and process requirements within the Central and the cycle data content detected using a barcode Sterile Material Supply Department. The high level of safety scanner can be printed out on a printer or transferred to is ensured by extremely simple operation, automatic an external PC or an existing network via interface. protection of the items to be washed...

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Racks for various items to be cleaned and disinfected; sterile goods containers, and lids. Sterile material cages, instrument trays, operating theater shoes, baskets for kidney dishes etc. Diverse fields of application Servicing, maintenance and support The new WD 750 large-scale cleaning system allows Belimed also offers a tailor-made servicing and after-sales optimum utilisation of available capacity and optimum service package, designed to meet your needs, offering the economic efficiency thanks to its diverse fields of same breadth of diversity as your cleaning and disinfection...

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Technical data Capacities WD 750S WD 750M WD 750L Sterile containers with lid (300 × 600 × 300 mm) 20 27 40 Sterile cages for utensils (340 × 570 × 185 mm) 16 16 32 Surgical instruments (DIN trays) 28 44 56 OR dishes ∅ 320 mm 32 36 64 OR shoes up to size 42 size 43–46 180 108 270 162 360 216 Carts 1 2 2 OR tables 0 1 1 WD 750S WD 750M WD 750L Installation external dimensions H × W × D (mm) 2450 × 2300 × 2000 2450 × 2300 × 2860 2450 × 2300 × 3600 Usable chamber dimensions H × W × D (mm) 2000 × 820 × 1350 2000 × 820 × 2300 2000 × 820 × 2950 150 150 150 Dimensions Type Pit depth/ramp height...

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Belimed GmbH Belimed Medical Equipment ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park Pare GVIO 330 Allee des Hetres, Hall E Branch Office Branch Office Pare Espale Belimed Deutschland GmbH Branch Office West Belimed Deutschland GmbH Belimed Infection Control Kft. UNITED KINGDOM Belimed Limited Unit 4 Newbuildings Place Dragons Green Road 2284 Clements Ferry Road OTHER COUNTRIES OTHER COUNTRIES Infection Control

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