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CS 730

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FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR STAFF AND YOUR PATIENTS . . . We supply you with future-oriented, long- Belimed, Kleindienst, Netzsch and Sauter lived technologies fulfilling your demands in Companies have joined together in order to focus their long-standing experience in cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Under our collaboration in national and international bodies of experts we are able to Permanent research and development in close co-operation with our customers and the influence of decades of experience in practice have formed our cleaning and disinfection systems into a technologically...

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ADVANTAGES WHICH BECAME STANDARD AUTOMATIC FOLDING DOORS Hermetically sealed, automatic folding doors in double-walled execution connected with an pneumatic door locking, secure the statutory separation of unclean and clean side. Viewing windows in the folding doors and a anti-glare cabinlight permit optical control of the process. INTENSIVE CLEANING The basis for an optimal cleaning and disin- The distance moved by the spraying frame is fection result forms the vertically moved programmable. Likewise, a mutual spraying spraying frame. left / right can be activated, which is very important...

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CALCULATED SKEWING After the cleaning process and while drying, the transport trolley is brought into a calculated skewing in order to accelerate the drain of the liquid. This avoids that the wash and rinsing liquid is carried off and accelerates the drying procedure. FAST DRYING Into the preheated drying chamber a high performance fan blows via air ducts and adjustable jets a large quantity of warmed up air into and on the transport trolleys. The temperatur of the air is adjustable form 60 – 120° C. During the drying a low-noise fan leads the humid air into the exhaust air duct on part of...

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RELIABLE TRANSPORT SYSTEMS An important component of the CS 730-series are the transport systems. Here, Belimed offers the experience from more than hundred customized solutions. Depending on the installation situation, trolley design and desired degree of automation, production modules can be supplied before and after the Clean-Station CS 730 as well as draglines or push bar conveyors before or behind the plant. A modern sensor technology and an intelligent software ensure a safe transport. The trolley is transported by carrier rolls on part of the machine and a dragline conveyor through...

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INTELLIGENT CONTROL MANAGEMENT The Clean-Station CS 730 is equipped with a programmable logic control of the newest generation. This permits a modular exten- Optionally a printer is available for the charge sion as well as the linkage to EDP-systems. documentation or networking with a PC-supported documentation, archiving and statis- The programmable software allows an easy tics module. adjustment to individual requirements and guarantees largest flexibility. AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION OF THE TRANSPORT TROLLEYS CONTROL The plant is equipped with a 4-line display. During the operation the user...

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disinfecting cleaning post rinse disinfecting cleaning post rinse disinfection disinfecting cleaning post rinse disinfection disinfecting cleaning disinfecting cleaning post rinse disinfection rated output trolley / h 20

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CLEAN-STATION CS 730 THE INSTALLATION DIMENSIONS AT A GLANCE: outside dimensions effectice chamber interior dependent on the chamber number 1600 mm without maintenance course 3200 mm with maintenance course required floor recess 120 mm (alternatively ramp)

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