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CS 750 - 1

CS 750 Short cycle times with reliable and efficient reprocessing

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CS 750 - 2

Short cycle times with reliable and efficient reprocessing Focus on the user The clear lines and modern design of the CS 750 will impress you at first sight. And a second look is equally convincing: the system meets the highest standards in terms of safety and working convenience. Quality that means protection for your investment in the long term We always insist on the best materials and careful workmanship. All components, from the pump to the dryer, are of the highest quality. Both the CS 750 and you, as the customer, benefit from this: the system is fail proof and durable. Sleek design...

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CS 750 - 4

Short cycle times with reliable and efficient reprocessing High quality and flexibility The CLEANSTATION CS 750 sets top standards in terms of performance, flexibility, reliability and user-riendliness, making our machine the system f of choice for the reliable handling of your cleaning needs.

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CS 750 - 5

Compliance with the latest standards and guidelines Whatever the scenario – CSSDs, beds or canteen kitchens – the CS 750 delivers a high level of reliability in every application because the CLEANSTATION complies with EN ISO 15883-7. In addition, the latest guidelines from the Working Group for Bedframe and Cart Decontamination Systems have been considered. Innovative cleaning process on a firm footing The floor plate of the CS 750 is fully walkable and has no raised thresholds of any kind, which makes loading easy. Functional guide rails additionally facilitate the safe positioning of the...

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CS 750 - 6

Short cycle times with reliable and efficient reprocessing Maximum performance for central cleaning processes With the CS 750, your central cleaning processes will meet your organization’s exacting requirements for speed and cost-effectiveness, because the system combines powerful performance with low energy and resource consumption. Savings in hospital work times High workloads and shift work create multiple supply cycles in hospitals, which is why the CS 750 is designed for rapid throughputs. Users can rely on high availability and fail-safe system operation, thanks to the sturdy...

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CS 750 - 7

OR tables and equipment – maximum hygiene from automated cleaning processes Automated processing of OR tables and equipment is safer, faster and more efficient compared to manual procedures. The CS 750 with its efficient performance allows you to make full use of this potential, while at the same time benefiting from high cost-effectiveness. Process security and efficiency Automated cleaning with the CS 750 provides you with the security of stable, reproducible processes. The validated procedures and defined functional processes allow you to maintain a consistently high quality level....

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CS 750 - 8

Short cycle times with reliable and efficient reprocessing Hospital beds and auxiliaries – progress in hygiene management Reprocessing to disinfect hospital beds is particularly reliable with the CLEANSTATION CS 750. Even during a pandemic, the automated procedures achieve better results in comparison with manual reprocessing, especially with regard to hygiene, cost-effectiveness and safety. Safety on a high level Modern cleaning processes for hospital beds and auxiliaries must satisfy ever-growing standards, caused by shorter hospital stays and the emergence of multi-resistant germs, among...

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CS 750 - 9

Canteen kitchens and food logistics Reliable hygiene is just as important in a canteen kitchen as smooth workflows. Belimed gives you both. We offer you extensive experience and innovative cleaning engineering for transport carts, large-capacity containers and other equipment. Food trolleys: hygiene on wheels Contaminants on the insides of transport carts are reliably and completely removed by the CS 750. This also applies to all forms of external contamination resulting from the everyday use of the carts. Specific construction designs and properties, e.g., cook-and-chill systems, are taken...

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CS 750 - 10

Short cycle times with reliable and efficient reprocessing Belimed supplies systematic solutions The washer-disinfector CD 750 is the equipment for efficient reprocessing in your CSSD. As Engineers of Confidence, we at Belimed think even further than that. We offer a perfectly tailored approach in the areas of planning, technology and service. Belimed Blueprint The planning and design team develops tailor-made solutions for various needs, goals and space requirements – from analysis to installation. Belimed ProtectTM Our cleaning chemistries guarantee optimal cleaning and disinfection...

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CS 750 - 11

The CS 750 in a nutshell With the CS 750, your central processing will meet your organization’s exacting requirements for speed and cost-effectiveness. It not only sets benchmarks in performance and flexibility, but also in terms of safety and usability. High flexibility · choice of different chamber lengths and gradual adjustment of the usable width A · wide range of possible combinations enables a tailor-made system The · available floor space can be used to the maximum The Efficiency and cost-effectiveness · Economical use of critical resources such as water, heating energy or cleaning...

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CS 750 - 12

Switzerland (Headquarters) Belimed AG Grienbachstrasse 11 6300 Zug +41 41 449 78 88

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