GMP Compliant Cleaning Encompassing High Level Effi ciency and Flexibility - 8 Pages

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GMP Compliant Cleaning Encompassing High Level Effi ciency and Flexibility

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PH 820.2 / PH 840.2 / PH 860.2: Cleaning machinery, designed for pharmaceutical research and production Infection Control

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Based on innovation and experience As one of the leading companies operating in the area of decontamination and infection control, Belimed has been developing, producing and marketing innovative cleaning, disinfection and sterilization systems in the sectors of healthcare, pharmaceutical industry and laboratories for over 40 years now. By an ongoing process in developing their products and With its newly developed PH range of GMP washers for the further development on the basis of customer needs, the pharmaceutical industry, Belimed has set a new in line with the most recent guidelines and...

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The right solution for all fields of application With the PH 8xx.2 series, Belimed offers a range of cleaning systems that have been specifically designed for pharma- similar in their function and construction design. They do ceutical process environments. vary in terms of their chamber volume and thus in their wash goods loading capacity per batch. The PH 820.2 and Based on standardized technical concepts that have PH 840.2 feature a rotating wash arm under the chamber evolved from years of Belimed’s experience in mechanical ceiling and above the chamber floor respectively. Due to cleaning,...

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The patented connection coupling with its special sealing mechanism guarantees leak-free supply to the cleaning system at a constant pressure, thus providing shorter cleaning times at higher wash jet pressure. Pharma-adapted design Design that incorporates customer requirements and at the same time meets the latest FDA, GMP and GAMP guidelines represents the main focus in the development of the PH 8xx.2 model range. Of particular significance here is the dead-leg- and crevice- • All surfaces that come in contact with the processed free wash chamber design with rounded corners: products...

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The maximum operational reliability of the Belimed cleaning systems is based on the utilisation of high quality materials and components backed up by Belimed’s own stringent quality assurance testing procedures. Materials/Components The selected materials and major brand components meet even the highest requirements in terms of quality and longevity. • Wetted components such as chamber, tank, piping and pumps are manufactured from 316L stainless steel. • Frame and panels are manufactured from 304 quality stainless steel. • Components are FDA certified. • Seals are made of EPDM. • Optional...

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Siemens Touch Panel TP 900 Color Reliable process guidance Intuitive Operation The modern, touch screen equipped graphic control panel For greater operational safety, control and power sections (Siemens TP 900, 9” Color or Allen-Bradley PanelView are strictly segregated and housed in separate control Plus 1000) enables simple and concise operation. All cabinets. For ease of service and maintenance, the control essential process data are on display. section is located in the access door to the technical compartment. The machine control unit is either a Siemens or a Rockwell Allen-Bradley...

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Usable chamber dimensions H x W x D (mm)

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Bel^i/ied PP 1003.05.1411 E Subject to modification Infection Control

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