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MST-V Steam sterilizer with vertical sliding door for dependable and qualified sterilization of medical devices Infection Control

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The focus is on the human being – greater safety thanks to qualified reprocessing Central Sterile Supplies Departments (CSSD) are an integral department in most clinic and hospital operations. The demands placed on instrument processing within these units have never been more stringent than now. It is essential to combine a high level of working efficiency with optimum reprocessing of medical devices. This is a complex task for which there are often too few staff available, especially at peak times. Innovation and experience As a leading supplier of decontamination systems and solutions in...

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The most compact sterilizer in its class – the new MST-V The MST-V is ideal for ensuring reliable and qualified sterilization of medical devices in the CSSD. The sterilizer is efficient, compact, economical and reliable, setting standards in terms of innovation, versatility and minimal space requirements. The chamber of the MST-V Steamer Sterilizer is developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

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Improved work quality – the result of Belimed’s new product design The new MST-V sterilizer was developed in accordance with the latest standards. The look and function are entirely based on the requirements of the operating staff. For example, in addition to an attractive design and clear, easy-to-use interface it provides maximum user convenience and reliable operator control. Ergonomics at the workplace The MST-V sterilizer combines excellent ergonomics with attractive design and easy operation. The loading height of 78 cm is the lowest in this class. Additionally, the touch- sensitive...

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Owing to the unique process status display the time remaining, ready-to-load signal, ready-to-unload signal and error messages are clearly visible from up close or at a distance. Standardized operator control All new Belimed systems, whether sterilizers or washerdisinfectors, offer a consistent operating interface, thus reducing training requirements and keeping error sources to a minimum. Audible feedback with each key touch provides confirmation to the user. Clear menu navigation and the illuminated color display ensure even greater user convenience. The display is clearly legible even...

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Innovative function, efficient operation During the development of the MST-V sterilizer, the focus was on protecting patients and staff while maximizing cost efficiency. The new generation of machines is extremely economical in terms of utilization of resources, such as water. Optimized standard programs reduce process times by up to 10% compared to systems of comparable capacity. The chamber of the Belimed Sterilizers are exclusively manufactured in Switzerland. Maximum performance in an extremely small space High productivity is combined with minimal space requirement, taking full...

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Automated processes Thanks to a wide range of versatile accessories, the degree of automation of the MST-V sterilizer can be adjusted to your individual needs, thus enabling optimal process flows. Greater efficiency through automation Loading and unloading modules as well as queue lines enable continuous utilization of the sterilizers. In addition, you can make use of flexible extension options such as return locks and return gates. Ergonomically designed transport system The Belimed transport system is easy and safe to handle. It is made throughout of high-quality stainless steel. This...

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Certified quality Our sterilizers are all engineered in Switzerland. They are subjected to a strict quality inspection and meet all the current standards and medical devices directives. That way we ensure maximum safety and quality. Highest standards of materials and workmanship Our customers‘ requirements and the valid medical devices directives are our benchmark when it comes to safety and quality. Materials and components used from leading manufacturers, in conjunction with stateof-the-art production technologies, meet the highest quality standards and ensure that the systems have a...

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Illustration of the ICS 8535 cycle documentation system CSSD Management Cycle data – transparent and fully traceable As part of their quality management system more and more hospitals want to generate and store detailed, seamless data and information about the reprocessing performed on their medical devices by equipment such as sterilizers. With the Belimed ICS 8535 cycle documentation system, which is an available option, we offer an IT-based solution for ensuring seamless traceability of medical devices between reprocessing and use in the operating room. Fast and easy – cycle...

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Optimized and type-tested standard programs allow the sterilization of instruments, textiles and porous items. We attach particular importance to safe handling, short cycle times and optimum drying with minimum energy and resources consumption. The MST-V sterilizer offers a selection of different programs. The required test programs, such as the Bowie-Dick Test and the vacuum test, are available for routine checking of sterilizer functions. The programs can be started automatically, at the start of the day, so that the sterilizers are ready to be used immediately at the start of work....

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Short response times, personal, skilled support in the field – service and maintenance are key elements of Belimed Quality Management. Comprehensive range of services – for a consistently high level of reliability After the delivery of our products we continue to support you with a comprehensive selection of maintenance and service packages. Consequently, you benefit from our experience and expertise at all times. Professional services We rely on long-term partnerships in order to boost the productivity of our customers on a continuing basis. We achieve this goal with an integral...

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