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PH 880

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State-of-the-Art GMP-Compliant Container Cleaning in Pharmaceutical Production Cleaning machinery for containers, drums and other large-sized components used in pharmaceutical production Infection Control

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Installation with two laterally reversed PH 880.2 cleaning machines Based on innovation and experience As one of the leading companies operating in the area of decontamination and infection control, for over 40 years Belimed has been developing, producing and marketing innovative cleaning, disinfection and sterilization systems in the healthcare, pharmaceutical industry and laboratory sector. By an ongoing process of developing products and With its newly developed PH range of GMP washers for additional development based on customer needs, in line the pharmaceutical industry, Belimed has...

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Loading rack for container and format parts Loading rack for lter housing Loading rack for miscellaneous container The right solution for all elds of application Designed as a cleaning system for containers, drums, Flexible loading systems pallets and other large-sized vessels, the PH 880.2 is Depending on process requirements and the types of the part of an extensive model range (PH 820.2, PH 840.2, washing items, various methods of loading and unloading the wash chamber are possible. Individual customer sequences for professional pharmaceutical processes requirements may thereby be taken...

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Pharma-adapted design Design that incorporates customer requirements and at the same time meet the latest FDA, GMP and GAMP guidelines represents the main focus in the development of the PH 880.2. Of particular importance is the crevice- and dead-leg-free • Wash chamber and tank interior are produced from design of the wash chamber with radius corners: mirror nish stainless steel featuring this design negates the problem of cross-contamination radius corners (radius R20). All chamber weld by soil deposits lodged in the machine. seams are ground and polished (Ra • All product-contacted...

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PH 880.2 Multi Chamber Washer with fully automated and wash item adaptable transport system. The transport system can be exible assembled with linear modules and turn tables. Cleaning system Particular attention was paid to optimise the washing liquid The selected materials and components from approved pressure and solution distribution between internal and manufacturers meet even the highest requirements in external product cleaning, with especial consideration to terms of quality and long life cycle. any delicate items being processed. • Media-contacted components such as chamber, tank, •...

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Siemens Touch Panel MP 277 colour Reliable process guidance Intuitive operation Process monitoring The modern, touch-screen-equipped graphic control panel Reproducibility of cleaning results is ensured by permanent (Siemens MP 277, 10,4’’ colour or Allen-Bradley PanelView monitoring of all process-relevant parameters. For this Plus 1000) enables simple and concise operation. purpose, various sensors for measurement of the cycle All essential process data are displayed. data is available: • Detergent concentration, with ow and conductivity The machine control unit is either a Siemens S7-300...

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Technical data Type Usable chamber dimensions H x W x D (mm) Installation outer dimensions without container cleaning system H x W x D (mm) Installation outer dimensions with container cleaning system H x W x D (mm) Chamber volume (litres) Loading height (mm) Door design sliding glass door sliding glass door sliding glass door Door opening Base frame height (mm) Depth of floor recess with floor-level loading (mm) Water connections Cold water without container cleaning system with container cleaning system Electric connection Exhaust air connections Steam connection The PH 880.2 ensures a...

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CHINA Belimed Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd CaiLun Road 780, 5th oor, Room H ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park 201203 Pudong, Shanghai Tel. +86 21 513 709 98 Fax +86 21 513 709 96 FRANCE Belimed SAS Parc GVIO 330 Allée des Hêtres, Hall E 69760 Limonest Tel. +33 4 37 41 63 03 Fax +33 4 37 41 63 04 Branch Ofce Belimed SAS Parc Espale 1, av. Pierre Pimlin 68390 Sausheim Tel. +33 3 89 63 65 40 Fax +33 3 89 63 65 41 GERMANY Belimed Deutschland GmbH Edisonstrasse 7a 84453 Mühldorf am Inn Tel. +49 8631 9896 0 Fax +49 8631 9896 300...

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