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Create Added Value Cleaning and sterilizing: innovative, total solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

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Contents A Warm Welcome 3 The Belimed Group 4 Consultancy and Planning 6 Quality and Reliability 8 System Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry 10 Cleaning 12 Sterilization 14 Service and Support 16

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A WARM WELCOME « Success We create added value for our customers with rst-rate services. We believe your success is our success. Niklaus Sauter, Chief Executive Ofcer » Specialising in cleaning and sterilization, focussing on our Our more than 40 years of experience, coupled with our core skills – always one step ahead: The Belimed Group, widely supported know-how in our centres of competence, a worldwide leading company in the eld of cleaning and dynamic structures and efcient processes, guarantee that sterilization, makes a substantial contribution to the your investments are...

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« Commitment » Among all the suppliers Belimed was the one who understood, best, that we wanted a complete service package and not just machines. Manfred Hannig, Managing Director KLE GmbH, Hamburg-Eppendorf/Germany Successful all over the world – and always one step ahead Belimed is among the leading suppliers of complete solutions in the eld of cleaning and sterilization. Customers in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and laboratory sectors worldwide benet from our concentration on core skills: the development and manufacture of rst-class, innovative products and the provision of...

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BELIMED GROUP Centre of competence for cleaning, Mühldorf am Inn/Germany Centre of competence for sterilization, Sulgen/Switzerland Innovative A reliable and economically sound partner Over 800 motivated specialists focus on the stringent Belimed is a company of the Metall Zug Group, a publicly demands of our customers. One in ve work in research traded company with a workforce of approximately and development or design to rapidly implement state-of- 3,000. With its Domestic Appliances Division (V-ZUG AG, the-art technologies. Innovative processes and constant SIBIRGroup AG and Gehrig Group...

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« Know-how Belimed, in a timely and responsive manner, technically and professionally, provided a single piece of equipment that has impressed and satised our engineering, maintenance, validation and research staff. Dr. David Edelen, Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Forth Worth, Texas/USA 6 »

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CONSULTANCY AND PLANNING We are capable of complex thinking – and easy listening We lay the foundations for future-proof, cost-effective solutions in the entire eld of cleaning and sterilization by active listening: only by fully understanding your problems and needs do we nd the way to the individual solution that is right for you. That is why our consultancy service begins by giving you the opportunity to talk. Clever engineering, sound know-how and longstanding State-of-the-art technology experience in the development of custom-made solutions – Belimed’s engineers are only satised when...

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Top-quality is no accident Belimed guarantees top-quality equipment and services due to continuous product development, based on customer needs and the latest Standards (GMP, GAMP, FDA and EU Standards); at the same time supporting its customers to further improve their cleaning and sterilization processes. In this way, Belimed provides for future-proof investment and meets the constantly increasing demands on preparation processes. We work closely with our customers from as early as High process reliability the concept and front-end study stage, as only permanent The systematic execution...

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QUALITY AND RELIABILITY A clear test concept It goes without saying that our high-quality plant complies All new products and product enhancements are geared fully with the latest standards such as GMP, GAMP towards these standards, thus guaranteeing your future-proof (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice), FDA (Food investment. Even our clearly dened test and documentation and Drug Administration), ISPE (International Society for concept is based on these standards and in this way provides Pharmaceutical Engineering) and EU standards. for rigorous compliance with their requirements....

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« Innovation » The driving force behind genuine innovations is to increase the benet to our customers. This is what we are committed to every single day. Eugen Moser, Chief Technical Ofcer Belimed Group 10

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SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Solutions are seldom obvious – they need to be worked out Total concepts geared towards durability, intelligent, detailed solutions and the highest manufacturing quality: plant and equipment from Belimed excels due to state-of-the-art technology and cost-effective operation. With our professional project management all facets remain under control – in the interests of on-time delivery, installation and commissioning. Legendary quality for high long-term utility increased efciency and a continuous commitment to even Belimed products are outstanding at all times for their...

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Installation of six cleaning systems PH 840.2 Top-class technology and processing The Belimed name has stood for recognisable quality and efcient operation in pharmaceutical research and production for more than 40 years. The modular construction of standard products allows individual adaptation in accordance with your requirements and wishes. You gain time, reliability and productivity from optimum integration into your processes and systems – with cleaning machinery PH 820.2, PH 840.2, PH 860.2 and PH 880.2, for example. 12

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CLEANING Rounded corners, free of gaps and dead legs. Clever wash chamber design prevents dirt and deposits. The Belimed product range for efcient solutions is as Designs suited to the pharmaceutical industry wide as the needs for cleaning and disinfection are varied. and maximum reliability Both our standardised products and individually developed The high operational reliability of Belimed cleaning complete systems are outstanding in their far above- systems is based on individual customer requirements and average operating efciency. The compact design saves consistent implementation of...

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