Professional Laboratory Sterilization – Safe, Fast and Reliable - 12 Pages

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Professional Laboratory Sterilization – Safe, Fast and Reliable

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Professional Laboratory Sterilization – Safe, Fast and Reliable Steam sterilizers for research facilities, universities and biocontainment facilities

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Safe, reliable sterilization in laboratories and research facilities In research institutes, universities and biosafety laboratories people work with highly sensitive laboratory materials requiring extremely responsible handling. Safety and reliability are vital factors in laboratory reprocessing. Belimed is familiar with the demands running a laboratory poses and has been providing state-of-the-art solutions used in laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, universities and hospitals for already over 40 years. Protecting people and the environment Reliable partner There...

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State-of-the-art sterilization – the right solution for every requirement Belimed steam sterilizers are particularly suitable for use in laboratories and research, such as in developing active pharmaceutical ingredients, in vaccine research, genetic research, microbiology and in animal care facilities for sterilizing solid and porous materials, liquids and also for deactivating laboratory waste. Maximum flexibility Our strength is flexibility. Sterilization processes, machine The application field of our laboratory sterilizers meets all capacity and the quality of performance perfectly match...

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Designed for ease of use and ease of maintenance Easy operation Cycle documentation with integrated printer Belimed laboratory sterilizer’s modern graphic user The temperature and pressure profile are continuously interface featuring a touch screen, is simple, self-explana- recorded during sterilization in order to document the tory and well laid out. The modern touch screen technol- sterilization process. Using the integrated printer you can ogy meets all the criteria for maximum user comfort. The directly print out cycle data on the system. various program parameters are easy to modify and...

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The precision sealing frame made of solid stainless steel ensures maximum operational reliability. Operational cost-effectiveness, best quality Cost-controlling is of paramount importance for your facilities' success. The Belimed laboratory sterilizers feature a variety of cost-efficient innovations. Optimized process engineering and sophisticated processes ensure efficient and economical operation. Shorter cycle times Safe, reliable and durable The active re-cooling process guarantees short program The laboratory sterilizers are designed to withstand heavy times in the sterilization of...

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Sterilization in animal care facilities Belimed ensures the safe and economic reprocessing of animal care equipment. The laboratory sterilizers meet the high hygienic standards of animal care facilities, thus guaranteeing that a specific application area is properly supplied with ingoing sterilized goods or that potentially infectious or genetically modified outgoing material is reliably decontaminated. High safety in cage reprocessing Various standard programs and a broad range of optional The chamber bottom, particle filters and strainers are easy processes provide particularly high safety...

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Unique features – designed for BSL 3 and BSL 4 facilities Various biosafety laboratories need autoclaves for sterilization and decontamination. The pathogenic nature of the waste material from such laboratories coupled with the use of the autoclave as a barrier between the facility and the outside world places special requirements on the autoclave design and processes used that standard autoclaves cannot fulfill. Belimed offers a wide range of design options referring to individual product specifications. Exhaust air and condensation treatment State-of-the-art safety features One or two...

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The most compact in its class: the LST-V steam sterilizer Space-saving and easy to operate: the LST-V sterilizer provides optimum conditions for professional laboratory and biotechnology applications. The device provides high performance, is compact and economical. It sets standards in terms of innovation, versatility and small footprint. Operating location Core features The LST-V sterilizer comes optionally with one or two • Excellent useable space to required space ratio (e.g. vertical doors. Featuring differing chamber sizes from 300 only 1 m2 footprint and 2 m high at a chamber size of...

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Sterilization of bulky goods with the LST-H steam sterilizer Featuring different chamber sizes, loading heights, loading types and floor-level drivable variants, the LST-H steam sterilizer with horizontally sliding doors is suitable everywhere where large volume solid and porous goods, liquids and waste need to be sterilized or decontaminated. Operating location The LST-H sterilizer is suitable for sterilizing voluminous User-friendly design solid and porous goods, liquids and waste. The floor-level The LST-H sterilizer has a loading height of 320 or loading version also enables the inward...

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LST sterilization process and programsLST standard programs Program LST special programs (optional) Program Process descriptions: DWK Direct water cooling with support pressure FRVV Multiple pulse pre-vacuum FVT Pulsed vacuum drying GRAV Gravity IDK Indirect cooling with support pressure IDK+ Steam/air mixture cooling SAK Self-cooling without support pressure SAS Self-cooling with support pressure VMT Vacuum with drying VOT Vacuum without drying VOVV Single pre-vacuum VPR Vacuum leak test With IDK+ program: indicated hight + 250 mm VS1 = Single-door, vertical    HS1 = Single-door,...

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LST-V and LST-H sterilizer overview Technical characteristics General DGRL 97/23/EG, DIN 58951-2 or ASME Chamber version Material 1.4404 (316L) Ground Ra < 0,8 µm Chamber fixtures Ventilator Door design Single or dual door Robust Ground Ra < 0,8 µm Vertical door movement Horizontal door movement Piping and fittings version Material 1.4404 / 1.4435 (316L) Operation side 1 and 2 Colour touch operating panel 5,7” Cycle documentation Matrix printer 42 characters A4 (8.5” x 11”) printer Cycle documentations system ICS 8535 Control SPS control Sensor system Pressure sensors, chamber Sterilization...

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