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Scrub Sinks Scrub sinks, and good scrub-in procedure, are the hospital’s first line of defense against HAI’s. Belimed’s robust scrub sinks are designed to assure aseptic procedures can be achieved with a full range of water and soap control options and size configurations.

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Product Guide Scrub Sinks Knee Operated Surgical Scrub Sinks Sink operation is accomplished by simply pressing the knee panel one time to activate water flow. Press again to stop flow. The soap panel works in a pumping fashion with soap being dispensed through a stainless-steel spout located near the mixing valve. The base has been designed to accommodate gallon sized soap container storage behind the knee panels. Infrared Operated Surgical Scrub Sinks The infrared sensor is located on the front of each station and is activated by the user’s waist. There is a 2 second on/off delay for water...

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