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Single-Chamber Warming Cabinet


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Single-Chamber Warming Cabinet - 1

Bel i/tied Infection Control Single-Chamber Warming Cabinet Product Specification ModelOutside DimensionsShelves (Cu.ft.) Product Description Belimed single-chamber warming cabinets are specifically designed for controlled temperature storage applications. The units, available in 7 sizes from tabletop to large stand-alone, consist of a directed airflow chamber with storage shelves, door, and a digital control and monitoring package. Application For use in healthcare facilities to store blankets, IV infusion bags, or irrigation fluid at a controlled elevated temperature prior to use in a patient environment. Standard Features Construction/Design These cabinets employ solid stainless steel unit construction. They include 1-4 standard shelves (except SWC1518 & SWC1524), magnetic door closure gaskets, forced airflow, and levelling feet. • Type 304 stainless steel cabinet • Left and right stainless steel airflow plenums • Fully insulated chamber • Choice of solid stainless steel or transparent glass doors • Available in stand-alone, recess, & pass-through configurations • Solid perforated stainless steel shelves • Digital control package, with large actual & setpoint LED displays, overtemperature audible/visual alarm, and key lockout • Slide-out electronics service drawer • Powerful 350-750W forced air heating elements. Dimensions Benefits Capacity to fit your needs Since not all throughput requirements and available spaces are the same, Belimed offers a wide range of single-chamber sizes, ranging from compact tabletop to large freestanding units. Durability Beefy all-stainless construction guarantees long unit life, without corrosion or deformation. Easy to service slide-out electrical components make it easy to perform periodic system maintenance and upkeep. Ease of use Modern electronic controls make it easy to enter a temperature setpoint, but key lockout prevents unauthorized parameter alterations. Highly visible dual displays allow at-a-glance inspection of both actual and set temperatures. Audible/visual overtemperature alarm eliminates the possibility of overheated supplies being delivered to the surgical suite. Belimed, Inc. | 2325 Charleston Regional Pkwy, Charleston, SC 29492 | Phone 843.216.7724 | Toll free 1.800.457.4117 | Fax 843.216.7707

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Single-Chamber Warming Cabinet - 2

Bel i/tied Infection Control Single-Chamber Warming Cabinet Product Specification Options/Accessories Recess-mounting □ Side-panel delete □Iff’ Depth □ Trim kit Pass-through mounting □ Pass-through chamber □Iff’ Depth □ Trim kit Door configurations □ Factory installed left hinge/right swing □ Lock □ Glass or solid-panel Mobility □ Caster base □ Dolly □ Stands (tabletop models only) Integrated digital temperature recorder -□ Integrated into unit controller, □ Outputs data via standard USB receptacle. □ Fully programmable for capture intervals and file size HfAf ALARM Belimed, Inc. | 2325...

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