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Sterilization ? fast, professional and reliable

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fast, professional and reliable MST-H: Hospital sterilizer with automatic horizontal sliding door. Flexible solutions for the Central Sterile Supply Department Infection Control

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Innovation and experience With over 2000 sterilizers installed worldwide in leading hospitals, laboratories and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, Belimed possesses the experience and knowledge to efciently solve problems in both the Central Sterile Supply Department and the sub-sterile areas. By an ongoing process in developing their products and Optimum quality the further development on the basis of customer needs, Careful selection of the materials together with our high- in line with the most recent guidelines and directives, level production technologies allow us to...

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Integrated IT solutions Full networking for central documentation of the entire infection control chain from cleaning through to sterilization: The Belimed Infection Control Software ICS 8535 ensures that this future-orientated task can be performed. Standardized interfaces and tried-and-tested concepts are used for data exchange within a modern network. Full traceability With our comprehensive Infection Control Software ICS 8535 for the CSSD, Belimed makes an important contribution toward enhancing process reliability. The washerdisinfectors and sterilizers are networked and integrated in...

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Easy operation, automatic documentation The operator’s day-to-day work must be made as simple as possible. Our touchscreen operator interface offers maximum convenience and has been developed on the basis of operator experience. The modern touchscreen technology ensures clear and All relevant parameters of a sterilized batch are recorded easy operation. Sophisticated management of user access and printed out in clear form – either texts or graphics – to rights ensures high operational safety and minimum ensure optimum traceability. Touch Operating Panel TOP 5000 with integrated printer

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Applications and standard programs The optimized and validated standard programs allow The program parameters (number of fractions, switching treatment of instruments, textiles and rubber articles. points, sterilization temperatures, sterilization and drying We attach particular importance to safe handling of the times etc.) can be matched to the customer-specic needs. goods, short batch times and optimum drying with minimum energy and resource consumption. The required test programs such as the Bowie-Dick test, vacuum test or heating programs, are available for the routine test of the...

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Quality and function Optimum Reliable process guidance Well thought-out designs and the professionalism of our Precision and stability of the temperature sensors and experts in Switzerland guarantee high-tech chamber cons- pressure transducers in conjunction with precise control truction. The high quality level is based on facts: rugged- systems, are indispensable in order to achieve the required ness of the doors and their actuating system, precision level of safety and reproducibility of the sterilization pro- groove for guidance of the solid silicone seal with a long cess. Our own...

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Wide range of accessories An extensive range of accessories is available for the steri- Extensive solutions lizers. The transport trolleys feature a rugged, ergonomic • Transport trolley design. A simple coupling ensures correct positioning in • Batch carts front of the sterilizer chamber. The batch trolleys are easy • Pull-out trays to load, easy to move and feature ruggedness and a long • Automatic loading and unloading units life. They are as well matched to the size of the sterilizer. • Return locks • Electrical steam generator Automatic loading and unloading system • Clean steam...

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Size and design diversity The right solution for all elds of application: Belimed sterilizers offer maximum exibility with an effective volume of 4 to 18 StE. Versions with horizontal door movement Dimensions of the two-door version

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Our services extend from the initial consultancy to IQ (Installation Qualication), OQ (Operating Qualication) and PQ (Performance Qualication). Services for added value Belimed’s integral service package extends well beyond installation and maintenance. Our range of systematic services also includes training of CSSD staff, conversion of existing installations, bridging capacity bottlenecks with mobile cleaning and sterilization units and both qualication and validation services. Professional advice The aim of our consulting activities is to offer you a When the system is in operation, you...

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Belimed AG 6301 Zug SWITZERLAND BELGIUM NV Belimed SA Rue de Clairvaux 8 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve Tel. +32 10 42 02 40 Fax +32 10 42 02 49 CHINA Belimed Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd CaiLun Road 780, 5th oor, Room H ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park 201203 Pudong, Shanghai Tel. +86 21 513 709 98 Fax +86 21 513 709 96 FRANCE Medical Belimed SAS Parc Espale 1, av. Pierre Pimlin 68390 Sausheim Tel. +33 3 89 63 65 40 Fax +33 3 89 63 65 41 Pharma Belimed SAS Parc du Chater 1, av. du Chater 69340 Francheville Tel. +33 4 37 41 63 03 Fax...

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