Sterilizers for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Individual Total Solutions for Every Task - 16 Pages

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Sterilizers for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Individual Total Solutions for Every Task

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GMP-compliant steam, steam-air mixture and hot-water shower sterilizers: PST 6050/6060/6080 Infection Control

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Sterilization - crucial in pharmaceutical production The production steps in the pharmaceutical industry are aimed at maximum safety, top quality and high economy. This applies in particular to the sterilization processes. As the technology leader for over 40 years, Belimed has been offering unique flexibility in the engineering and manufacturing of tailor-made solutions. Experience and know-how Several thousand systems installed worldwide in leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies speak for themselves. Belimed is familiar with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and for...

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Perfect quality Maximum accessibility Maximum reliability and system safety are the focus Designed for the pharmaceutical industry, the engineering at Belimed. This is shown by the durable construction, and the quality of the materials and components used the first-rate manufacturing quality and the exclusive use meet the most stringent demands with regard to reliability of high-quality materials and components. One example and long service life. The goal is to always ensure maximum of this is the robust doors made of stainless steel. The system accessibility while constantly complying with...

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PST 6050: Sterilization of solids using the saturated-steam method The PST 6050 sterilizers are designed for the sterilization of solid and porous products, in addition to products from which air cannot easily be removed through the use of saturated steam and vacuum. Extreme process reliability Flexible methods High-quality materials, first-rate components from All parameters, such as sterilization time, sterilization renowned manufacturers, a GMP-compliant design and temperature, drying time, vacuum pulses, pulse amplitudes, production guarantee processes which are reliable and pressure...

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Efficient drying The high-performance vacuum system meets the extremely stringent demands with regard to drying efficiency, with minimal consumption of water. The use of an air heater reduces condensate formation during heating and supports the vacuum-drying efficiency. Example applications • Machine and system components • Tools • Filters • Empty containers made of glass, plastic or metal • Textiles and clothing • Rubber stoppers Typical pressure curve using the saturated-steam method Overpressure Underpressure Time Pressure curve in the chamber Air is removed from the chamber with one or...

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PST 6060: Sterilization of liquids with the steam-air mixture methods The PST 6060 sterilizers were developed to sterilize liquids in closed or open containers with a mixture of steam and air. The mixture is vertically or horizontally circulated in the chamber using fans. This guarantees quick heating and cooling, and optimum temperature distribution. Gentle treatment An intelligent control system constantly adapts the pressure in the chamber to the pressure in the containers. This protects sensitive material to be sterilized against deformation. Compressed air Homogeneous temperature...

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Combined solutions with the method 6050 The combination of method 6060 with method 6050 is possible depending on the application. For example, heating and sterilization are performed with saturated steam, while cooling is performed with a mixture of steam and air. The flexibility of the programs makes your investment even more valuable. Example applications • Glass bottles • Bags • Ready-to-use syringes • Ampoules • Vials F0 value sterilization: Optimum parameters for heat-sensitive materials Sterilization on the basis of the F0 value allows optimum Typical temperature and pressure curve...

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PST 6080: Sterilization of liquids using the hot-water shower method The PST 6080 sterilizers sterilize using the hot-water shower method, ideal for large-volume liquids in sealed containers. A sealed water system heats, sterilizes and cools. Safe and simple process control Short batch times The high-volume water-circulation rate and the two-stage Efficient heat transfer between the material to be sterilized water-distribution system ensure accurate and homogenous and the sterilization medium, as well as the high-perform- temperature distribution in the material to be sterilized. ance heat...

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Example applications • Glass bottles • Plastic bottles • Bags • Vials • Ampoules Cooling water Cooling water Typical temperature and pressure curve using the hot-water shower method Heat exchanger Overpressure Underpressure A two-stage water distribution system ensures precise and homogenous temperature distribution in the material to be sterilized. Pressure curve in the chamber Temperature curve in the material to be sterilized Temperature curve in the water recirculation loop The hot-water shower method ensures a homogenous temperature distribution with very short batch times and high...

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Tailor-made solutionsAs a company specializing in the field of sterilization, Belimed offers a broad range of standard equipment. However, each product has its own requirements. Belimed understands these requirements and can implement them as individualized solutions. Safe process control by movement of the materials to be sterilized Rotating sterilizer: Rotation of the batch during sterilization ensures a homogenous temperature distribution. This is particularly important if multi-component parenterals with differing specific gravity (emulsions) are to be sterilized reliably. Despite the...

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The user-friendly Touch Operating Panel (TOP) is suited to the needs of the customer and features many advantages. Intelligent control systems The control systems of the PST sterilizers meet the most current GAMP standards. The application software was developed by Belimed and has been validated. We guarantee operating convenience, process reliability and reproducibility, safety and maximum accessibility. Maximum flexibility Compliance with FDA 21 CFR part 11 The heart of the control systems is a programmable logic The intelligent user management system controls access controller (PLC), as...

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