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Sustainability Report - 1

Society, the environment and future generations Belimed Sustainability Report 2022

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Sustainability Report - 2

1 Introduction 1.1 Sustainability as part of the corporate strategy 1.2 Internal/external stakeholder feedback Problems and Challenges The key challenges in healthcare The key challenges for business Our commitment to make change Belimed sustainability goals 2022 Global facts and figures Products and Services 3.1 Energy-efficient products 3.2 Lifecycle management and TCO 3.3 Planning and design 3.4 Sustainable consumables 3.5 Service and maintenance 3.6 Equipment reconditioning/lifecycle extension 3.7 Digitalization 7 Communication 7.1 Social media 8 Summary 9 List of Figures and Tables 10...

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Sustainability Report - 3

Foreword Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner has been deeply ingrained in Belimed’s strategy for many years. Together with our Holding Company Metall Zug Group, we have a clear focus and commitment through an ongoing program of sustainable activities for our employees, society and the environment. Dear Reader Global economic development over the past 60 years has enhanced the quality of life and well-being of billions of people around the world, however, it poses a huge threat to the environment. Our eco-systems are being degraded, natural resources are being depleted and...

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Sustainability Report - 4

Belimed Sustainability Report 2022

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Sustainability Report - 5

1 Introduction Since the end of WW2, global production and consumption has risen exponentially, such that global economic development now poses a threat to the sustainable future of the environment. It is a threat to all major industries and businesses globally and to the long-term economy. According to the European Commission (2008), ‘… the way we produce, use and dispose of goods is unsustainable and is rapidly depleting the planet’s natural resources.’ In recent years a new set of international standards have been established, including the Paris Agreement on climate change. Belimed...

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Sustainability Report - 6

1 Introduction An example of the dramatic, exponential growth rate in human activity can be seen in the Great Acceleration1, which highlights the human impact of consumption and production on the Earth’s geology and its ecosystems. Figure 2 – The Great Acceleration (Steffen et al)

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Sustainability Report - 7

1.1 Sustainability as part of the corporate strategy The term sustainability has its most known roots in the 1987 Brundtland Report, which officially defined sustainable development for the first time. Belimed Infection Control views sustainability as a key strategic priority and aims to lead the way in relation to green products and solutions, environmentally friendly production methods and lean and efficient procurement and logistics. The slogan ‘Engineers of Confidence’ is part of the Belimed corporate strategy. All those in positions of responsibility act with a view to success and in...

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Sustainability Report - 8

1.2 Internal/external stakeholder feedback At Belimed AG, we place high value on the feedback from our customers as well as from our own internal teams. In 2021, together with the Metall Zug Group, we carried out a series of global customer interviews to establish the most important sustainability topics. The highest priority within the medical business sector was given to safe and resource-efficient products, followed by environmental concerns, such as greenhouse gas emissions, reductions in CO2 / energy reduction and material and resources efficiency. These topics go hand in hand with our...

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Sustainability Report - 9

1.2 Internal/external stakeholder feedback Belimed Sustainability Roadmap Products & Services Climate & Energy Initiatives Society and Value Creation 1.2 Internal/external stakeholder feedback

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Sustainability Report - 10

We act with a long-term view in order to create sustainable success for all our stakeholders such as our customers, employees and owners. 1.2 Internal/external stakeholder feedback

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Sustainability Report - 11

Belimed Sustainability Report 2022

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Sustainability Report - 12

2 Problems and Challenges Today, humanity uses the equivalent of 1.7 planets to provide the natural resources required to manufacture products and goods and to absorb the waste that is generated. Simply put, we are using up our natural resources faster than they can be replenished, and if we don’t do something soon, there will be consequences. In addition to governments and finance, businesses and industry must play a key role in supporting the SDGs. At Belimed, we believe that sustainable development is key for our economic growth, and at the same time will solve the challenges of...

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Sustainability Report - 13

The world’s population is ageing rapidly5. People worldwide are living longer, with most people expected to live into their sixties and beyond. By 2050, the global population of people older than 60 is expected to jump to two billion. As a result, the demand for healthcare globally is growing and hospitals must keep up with demand. Hospitals are huge consumers With 24/7 operation, hospitals are huge consumers of power, water, medicines, consumables and waste7. This poses a significant challenge for the environment. According to a 2019 report in The Lancet, healthcare is responsible for 4.6%...

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Sustainability Report - 14

2.1 The key challenges in healthcare Number of 60+ year-olds per year (both sexes) Figure 4 – Population Growth

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Sustainability Report - 15

The key challenge for business and industry has always been how to implement long term sustainable business policies, whilst remaining competitive. Over the past few years, the good news has been the increase in the number of environmental initiatives in healthcare10. An increasing number of our hospital projects are requesting corporate sustainability commitment at the design or tender stage (including examples of where equipment and solutions can benefit the environment). Another challenge is how to sell the value of energy-efficient equipment and sustainable solutions in a highly...

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Sustainability Report - 16

2.3 Our commitment to making change Global economic development poses a threat to the sustainable future of the environment, to business and to the long-term economy. It will affect all major businesses globally and it is inevitable. In addition to the primary concerns for Belimed's customers today (regulatory compliance and cost pressure), there are signs of a growing awareness of sustainability topics, which are now starting to to impact the choice of suppliers and service providers. By making a commitment to sustainability and driving energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, Belimed...

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