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WD 150

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Shorter cycle times and greater cleaning performance MP 2031.02.1103E Subject to modication WD 150: EN ISO 15883-compliant cleaning, disinfection and drying

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Fast on target, with minimal effort. That’s real efciency. High cleaning performance, exceptional quality The WD 150 automatic washer-disinfector was developed for professional use in the hospital, medical practice and laboratory elds. The superb cleaning performance and the high quality of the washing chamber and components are distinguishing features of the device. Developed in compliance with EN ISO 15883, the machine is simple to operate and ensures fast and reliable reprocessing of medical devices. The washing chamber was designed in accordance with advanced hygiene requirements and...

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There are many ways to protect life. Ours are the most effective. Hygienic, standard-compliant and reliable The safety of patients and personnel is our uppermost priority which we guarantee by ensuring reliable process quality while keeping the system simple to operate. The consistent objective of ensuring reliable operation of the device is demonstrated in every detail. Hygiene in a new dimension Automatic program selection The chamber design, with rounded corners, was specially The advantage of simple and reliable operation is developed to avoid cross contamination and carry-over of...

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High exibility, extensive range of accessories Belimed offers the right accessory solution within its comprehensive range of accessories, whether it be for surgical instruments, minimal invasive equipment, anaesthetics tubing, operating room shoes, containers, baby bottles and laboratory glassware. The design ensures optimum cleaning, disinfection and drying along with short loading times. A selection from the wide spectrum of applications of the WD 150 is presented in the following. 3-level instrument rack, art. no. 820 359 For loading with 6 standard instrument trays, H x W x D = 50 (100)...

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Great to be so exible. But in more ways than the choice of color. Lower rack for OR shoes, art. no. 870 080 For reprocessing of 20 OR shoes, size 43. Upper rack for OR shoes, art. No. 870 082 For reprocessing of 8 OR shoes, size 47. 1-level AN rack, art. no. 870 078 For loading with 15 breathing tubes, 1.5 m max. (5 of these pediatric tubes), 3 suction tubes, 1.5 m max., 3 breathing bags, 5 breathing masks, 5 catheters, 5 tubes, 5 laryngeal masks, diverse nozzles, Y-pieces etc. Space for 2 cassettes for small parts. 2-level basic rack, art. no. 820 363 With 2 baskets and a variety of...

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Our equipment lives just as long. But moves faster. High quality, long service life Thanks to its robust design, the WD 150 ensures a long lifecycle. At the same time valuable medical devices are kept in good working order and awless condition on a long-term basis thanks to gentle treatment. Saving costs while protecting investments – Belimed caters to both aspects of high cost-effectiveness. Top quality, long service life High productivity through RO water pre-heating The WD 150 was designed for heavy-duty use. The The program phase of thermal disinfection is about to start high-quality...

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Technical data Device outt Type tested according to EN ISO 15883 MPG, CE 0044, VDE, EMC, SVGW, DVGW Single-door front loading device with door interlock Stainless steel hinged door technology Chamber made of AISI 316L stainless steel (execution meets pharmaceutical industry standards) Fast lling valves for cold, warm and RO water with temperature control during lling «Dynamic Filling» system to reduce media consumption Dosing units for detergents (standard/additional as option) Flow control for dosing units (standard/additional as option) Wash pump capacity delivery Qmax Empty level control...

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Belimed AG 6300 Zug SWITZERLAND www.belimed.com CHINA Belimed Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd CaiLun Road 780, 5th oor, Room H ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park 201203 Pudong, Shanghai Tel. +86 21 513 709 98 Fax +86 21 513 709 96 info@belimed.cn FRANCE Belimed SAS Parc GVIO 330 Allée des Hêtres, Hall E 69760 Limonest Tel. +33 4 37 41 63 03 Fax +33 4 37 41 63 04 info.pharma@belimed.fr Branch Ofce Belimed SAS Parc Espale 1, av. Pierre Pimlin 68390 Sausheim Tel. +33 3 89 63 65 40 Fax +33 3 89 63 65 41 info@belimed.fr GERMANY Belimed Deutschland GmbH Edisonstrasse 7a 84453 Mühldorf am Inn Tel. +49...

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