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WD 200 - 1

WD 200 Maximum throughput in minimum space

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WD 200 - 2

Maximum throughput in minimum space Reliable instrument reprocessing – fast and economical Reprocessing units for medical devices and decentralized reprocessing departments function as modern service centers for the entire healthcare enterprise. The requirements for instrument reprocessing are correspondingly high. A wide variety of medical devices and materials need to be cleaned, disinfected and dried. The goal is to make sterile goods available again in perfect condition and as quickly as possible for their next use. The challenge CSSDs and decentralized reprocessing departments are...

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WD 200 - 4

Maximum throughput in minimum space High capacity – small footprint Developed in accordance with the latest EN ISO 15883-1 and -2 standards, the WD 200 washer-disinfector ensures maximum capacity, minimum space requirements and low media consumption. Maximum performance in minimum space The WD 200 washer-disinfector was developed for professional use in hospitals and small clinics. The unit features a holding capacity of up to 12 DIN instrument trays, a small footprint, low media consumption and the highest quality for the washing chamber and machine components. The WD 200 was developed in...

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WD 200 - 6

Maximum throughput in minimum space High operating convenience down to the last detail With high-grade materials and quality, the WD 200 meets maximum requirements in terms of design and workmanship. Robust, double-glazed hinged doors are a standard Belimed feature, as is the illuminated, high-quality manufactured chamber made of AISI 316L stainless steel. Constant pressure docking coupler – high cleaning action The machine and rack combine to form a complete system. The tight seal of the docking coupler ensures pressure-constant, leakage-free supply to the cleaning system, achieving...

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WD 200 - 7

Efficient and economical operation Belimed is committed to high economic efficiency for the reprocessing of medical devices, with a main focus on cost savings and optimum cost-benefit ratio. The consumption of resources such as water, detergents and energy is correspondingly low. Low media consumption – high productivity With the unique Dynamic Filling system, water, detergents and energy can be saved by up to 20%. The optional exhaust air heat recovery with purified water preheating reduces energy and media consumption by an additional 20%. The intelligent design of the new-generation...

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WD 200 - 8

Maximum throughput in minimum space Noticeably higher work quality due to easy operation CSSDs manage high workloads with few staff. Belimed provides work relief and places particular emphasis on simple operation and maximum process reliability. Convenient and transparent user guidance Clear menu navigation and the illuminated color display ensure a high level of user comfort. Actuating the respective keys – simple touching is sufficient – is confirmed by an acoustic signal. Automatic program selection for efficient reprocessing The advantage of simple and reliable use has been consistently...

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WD 200 - 9

Monitoring and documentation made easy The WD 200 offers various options for monitoring and documenting its process cycles. A0 value – the measure of the effectiveness of thermal disinfection The programmable microprocessor control calculates the current A0 value. The disinfection phase is only terminated when the preset value is reached. This prevents unnecessary media consumption and saves time. The A0 value is a measure of the effectiveness of thermal disinfection as a function of temperature and disinfection duration. Mathematically, this is described by the integral of temperature over...

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WD 200 - 10

Maximum throughput in minimum space Belimed supplies systematic solutions The washer-disinfector WD 200 is the equipment for efficient reprocessing in your CSSD. As Engineers of Confidence, we at Belimed think even further than that. We offer a perfectly tailored approach in the areas of planning, technology and service. Belimed Blueprint The planning and design team develops tailor-made solutions for various needs, goals and space requirements – from analysis to installation. Belimed ProtectTM Our cleaning chemistries guarantee optimal cleaning and disinfection performance and outstanding...

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WD 200 - 11

The WD 200 – an overview The requirements of our customers as well as current directives are our benchmark for safety, quality, efficiency and ecology. The WD 200 is designed for professional applications in hospitals and clinics with limited space. Quality, efficiency and economy · Combination of high-quality materials with Swiss engineering · Maximum precision of the cleaning system provides perfect hygienic results · Long service life due to the use of high-quality components and materials · Dynamic process control for minimum resource requirements and low costs · Automatic program...

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