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WD 200

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Highest performance on smallest footprint MP 2038.02.1202E WD 200: Single-chamber washer-disinfector in compliance with EN ISO 15883

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Making reliably reprocessed instruments available – as fast and economically as possible. The demands placed on instrument reprocessing within Central Sterile Supplies Departments (CSSD) and in Theater Sterile Supply Units (TSSU) have never been more stringent than now. With a vast diversity of material and equipment to be cleaned, disinfected and dried, this volume is increasing all the time. CSSDs and TSSUs are obliged to make reliably sterilized articles available at the required time and place for any agreed purpose in the hospital as economically as possible. The challenge High quality...

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with manual hinged doors Developed to comply with the latest EN ISO 15883 directive, the WD 200 washer- disinfector ensures high capacity, smallest footprint and low media consumption. Highest performance, smallest footprint professional use in hospitals and small clinics. The unique capacity of 12 DIN trays, the small foot print - only 68 cm wide -, low media consumption and the high quality of the washing chamber and components are distinguishing features of the device. Developed in compliance with EN ISO 1 5883, the machine is simple to operate and ensures fast and reliable reprocessing...

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WD 200 – High user convenience in each detail High-quality materials, intelligent manufacturing – the WD 200 meets highest requirements in terms of design and workmanship. Sturdy double-glazed hinged doors are a standard feature, as well as an illuminated, excellently worked AISI 316L stainless steel chamber. Docking coupler: high cleaning action Complete drainage: automatically and reliably The machine and rack connect to form one whole after each program phase system. A hydraulically activated docking device connects The design and construction of Belimed chambers and its the washer and...

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Ergonomic operating panel with integrated printer Hygiene of the highest standard The welding seams of the chamber were reduced to a minimum. The chamber floor features a 5 percent incline, allowing the water to drain off optimally after the cleaning process. This significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination and carry-over of rinsing media. Increased capacity thanks to an intelligent rack concept The compact construction design is not the only new feature of the WD 200. Also a new instrument rack concept was developed. The rack washing system consists of just one component, a...

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That’s true greatness. Often concentrated in the smallest of spaces. WD 200 – Small footprint saves space With a width of only 68 cm the Belimed washer-disinfector range of machines achieves one of the smallest footprints of any unit on the market. No lateral maintenance room needed. Belimed WD 200 Comparable single-chamber washer-disinfectors • Capacity: 36 DIN instrument trays per cycle • Capacity: 30 DIN instrument trays per cycle • 20 % more capacity per cycle • Maintenance access from the side needed • Up to 50 % less required space • Easy maintenance from the front only needed 6

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Smart resource management gets you further. And is mighty impressive. Efcient and economical operation The Belimed commitment to high economic efficiency includes a focus on cost savings and maximizing the investment in your equipment. Our systems feature economical use of resources like water, detergents and energy. Low media consumption and high productivity Unique ECO instrument racks with additional “Dynamic Filling” is a unique economic feature. Water capacity and less media consumption volume is automatically matched to the rack and the The new and unique generation of instrument wash...

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A shining example of intelligence and friendliness. Just like our technology. Improved work quality due to easy operation CSSDs manage high workloads with little staff. Belimed systems help the staff and relieve the workload by focusing on ease of operation and maximum process reliability. Comfortable and transparent user guidance Ergonomic and functional Clear menu navigation and the illuminated color display Convenient, cleverly designed and ergonomically ensure even greater user comfort. Activation of the expedient – loading and unloading the WD 200 is easy as respective keys with a...

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Monitoring and documentation made easy WD 200 is offering several ways and levels of monitoring and documentation of the process cycles. A0 value Belimed Infection Control Software ICS 8535 Belimed’s programmable microprocessor control provides All process information, the measured values and program the A0 value during each cycle. The disinfection phase is parameters are automatically downloaded to either a only completed when the appropriate A0 value is reached. stand-alone PC or to a clients network. The data may be This prevents unnecessary resource consumption and retrieved at any time...

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High flexibility, extensive range of accessories Belimed offers the right accessory solution within its comprehensive range of accessories whether it be for surgical instruments, minimal invasive equipment, anesthetics tubing, operating room shoes, containers and baby bottles. ECO instrument racks MIS instrument rack. Art. no. 870118 Container rack • Art. no. 870 126 3-level instrument rack, 6 DIN trays • 48 different connections Art. no. 870 120 • Art. no. 870 128 4-level instrument rack, 8 DIN trays • Max. instrument length 545 mm • 3 DIN container • Art. no. 870 130 5-level instrument...

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Belimed GmbH Belimed Medical Equipment ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park 330 Allee des Hetres, Hall E Branch Office Branch Office Pare Espale Belimed Deutschland GmbH Branch Office West Belimed Deutschland GmbH Belimed Infection Control Kft. Belimed SauterAG UNITED KINGDOM Belimed Limited Unit 4 Newbuildings Place Dragons Green Road 2284 Clements Ferry Road OTHER COUNTRIES OTHER COUNTRIES Belimed SauterAG Infection Control

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