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WD 230 / WD 250 / WD 290

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Reliable, Performance Driven and Resource Responsible: The WD Family of Washer-Disinfectors WD 230 / WD 250 / WD 290 Cabinet style washer-disinfectors for all applications

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Better, More Consistent Results Belimed’s focus is ensuring that the two critical functions of a washer, cleaning and disinfecting, are performed to maximize safety and efficacy for staff and patients. Soaking, penetrating wash: Higher performance cleaning Belimed washers use a high volume flow, low impingement approach to ensure that the items to be cleaned are thoroughly soaked. This is accomplished by circulating a small amount of water, at a rapid rate through wash arms with many large holes, allowing the water,and detergents, to get into all areas of the item so the cleaning agents can...

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Resource Responsible Design The Belimed commitment to efficient and effective use of all resources is a 40 year legacy of reducing operational cost through minimizing the use of utilities, improving space utilization and maximizing personnel efficiency. SmartFill Technology: Reduces resource use up to 20% Belimed‘s unique “SmartFill” technology is able to actively assess the amount of goods to be washed and then adjusts the water intake to the minimum needed for an effective step. The result is that water consumption is automatically reduced with smaller loads. Water use, per cycle, is a...

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Automation helps streamline the decontamination process and increase productivity. Operating staff are able to prepare several racks at once and time is saved as loading and unloading of the washers is carried out automatically, without personnel involvement. Automation systems improve work efficiency Automation and queuing options for the WD 250 and WD 290 provide flexibility for work flow design and an effective solution for surges in daily re-processing demands. Automation and queuing provide greater efficiency The fundamental requirement for a return on investment is to maximize the...

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Ergonomic and efficient staff interaction The Semi Automatic load and unload option for the WD 290 washer provides ideal ergonomics for loading and unloading, in a space efficient package. Assisted load from the transport cart Simply docking the cart to the washer will start the loading process. The washer automatically senses the cart and opens the glass door in preparation for loading. The operator begins the assisted load by pushing the rack a couple of inches. The washer then picks up the rack and completes the loading, automatically, closes the door and starts the cycle indicated by...

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Setting higher expectations for Sterile Processing Advanced engineering in the WD family of washer-disinfectors created an efficient, compact, and user-friendly product line, setting new standards in terms of reliability, performance, and resource consumption. Three models for greater flexibility Belimed offer three models: WD 290, WD 250 and WD 230 each available with either steam or electric heating. This allows you to match the features and performance of the washer-disinfectors precisely to your specific requirements. Maximum performance, minimum footprint High productivity is combined...

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A state-of-the-art PLC facilitates access to sterilizer data and integrates seamlessly with Belimed ICS 8535 for user-friendly data archiving Simple documentation and fully integrated data solutions As part of their quality management system more and more hospitals need to generate and store detailed, seamless data cycles performed by their CSSD equipment. With the Belimed ICS 8535 cycle documentation system, which is compatible with all Belimed washers and sterilizers, we offer an IT-based solution for ensuring seamless traceability of medical devices between reprocessing and use in the...

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USA Belimed, Inc. 2284 Clements Ferry Road Charleston, SC 29492 Tel. (843) 216-7424 Fax (843) 216-7707 info@belimed.us www.belimed.us BELGIUM NV Belimed SA Rue de Clairvaux 8 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve Tel. +32 10 42 02 40 Fax +32 10 42 02 49 info@belimed.be CHINA Belimed Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd CaiLun Road 780, 5th fl oor, Room H ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park 201203 Pudong, Shanghai Tel. +86 21 513 709 98 Fax +86 21 513 709 96 info@belimed.cn FRANCE Belimed SAS Parc GVIO 330 Allée des Hêtres, Hall E 69760 Limonest Tel. +33 4 37 41 63 03 Fax +33 4 37 41 63 04 info.pharma@belimed.fr...

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