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WD 250 / WD 290 - 1

WD 250/WD 290 Shorter cycle times and greater cleaning performance

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 2

Shorter cycle times and greater cleaning performance Schulthess Klinik, Zurich/Switzerland, Swiss Olympic Medical Center Belimed enhances CSSD performance Central Sterile Supplies Departments (CSSD) are an integral department in most clinic and hospital operations. The demands placed on instrument re-processing within these units have never been more stringent than now. With a vast diversity of material and equipment to be cleaned, disinfected and dried, this volume is increasing all the time. With current trends in merging clinics and hospitals into larger sterile service facilities, plus...

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 3

Technical expertise Performance, quality, economy and consistency are the main features of Belimed’s WD 290 and WD 250 series of washer-disinfectors. Developed to comply with the latest EN ISO 15883-1 and -2 directive, they ensure safe cleaning, disinfection and drying of medical devices. Exceptional quality with short cycle times Belimed washer-disnfectors ensure a high throughput in i instrument re-processing; even the shortest program times achieve exceptional cleaning results. Factors that make this possible include specifically designed process parameters to meet the precise load to be...

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 4

Shorter cycle times and greater cleaning performance Safety and well-being in the CSSD – Belimed’s smart product design The smart Belimed washer-disinfectors are developed in accordance with the latest guidelines. They provide a high degree of user friendliness, safety and cost efficiency in addition to an attractive design and clear forms. Today’s CSSD Belimed’s washer-disinfectors are fully oriented to the requirements of CSSD employees. The modern, light product design provides greater safety and well-being at the workplace. This is highlighted, for example, by the flush operating...

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 5

Improved work quality – the focus is on the human being CSSDs manage high workloads with few staff. Belimed systems help the staff and relieve the workload by focusing on ease of operation and maximum process reliability. Consistent and ergonomic operation Whether for washer-disinfectors or sterilizers, the new generation of Belimed systems offers a uniform operating interface, thus reducing training requirements and error sources to a minimum. The “CP-TOP” operating panel is located at an ergonomically optimal height in all machines. Automatic program selection and efficient re-processing...

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 6

Shorter cycle times and greater cleaning performance WD 290 – 18 DIN tray washer-disinfector with automatic sliding doors With the largest capacity in the series, the WD 290 is the highest performing machine to fully utilize its capabilities. The complete process, including loading and unloading, can be automated to enhance the machine’s throughput capacity. Highest capacity and cost efficiency The WD 290 is fully compatible with the Belimed WD 390 multi-chamber washer-disinfector. This combination results in an overall system within a minimal space requirement, providing a combined...

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 7

Dimensions Outer dimensions H x W x D (mm) Chamber volume net/gross (l) Capacity Surgical instruments (DIN trays) Anesthesia material (sets) Sterile goods containers including lid and filter lid (pieces) including lid, without filter lid (pieces) Baby bottles including caps (pieces) See page 15 for more technical data

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 8

Shorter cycle times and greater cleaning performance WD 250 – 10 DIN tray washer-disinfector with automatic sliding doors The WD 250 also offers a high degree of operator friendliness and features automatic sliding doors with the option of combining a fully automated loading and unloading system. Optimal visual inspection Solid-glass doors are standard on every WD 250. Therefore, workflow and operating processes are always safely in view. Operating location The two-door WD 250 was developed specifically for use in CSSD units. It ensures separation between the decontamination area and clean...

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 10

Shorter cycle times and greater cleaning performance More than just cycle documentation Hospitals are required to document re-processing data. SmartHub is our software solution that ensures and simplifies traceability of medical devices during each step of the complete decontamination circle. But that is just the beginning… Belimed’s washer-disinfectors and sterilizers produce up to two million data points per cycle, including program selection, chemical dosing quantities, temperature, water volumes, operating times and water conductivity. SmartHub is a software solution which ensures that...

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 11

Integrated printer Without the need for additional software, an integral printer can be fitted to either the loading or unloading side, allowing program data to be printed directly onto a paper strip. Shorter cycle times, immaculate cleaning If this is desired, extremely short cycle times of only 31 minutes including drying can be achieved under optimal conditions. Evidence for effective, standard-compliant cleaning has been provided by an independent accredited test laboratory. A0 value Belimed’s programmable microprocessor control provides the A0 value during each cycle. The disinfection...

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 12

Shorter cycle times and greater cleaning performance Efficient and economical operation The Belimed commitment to high economic efficiency includes a focus on cost savings and maximizing the investment in your equipment. Our systems feature economical use of resources of water, detergents and energy. Dynamic Filling: Saves up to 20% of resources per cycle Belimed‘s Dynamic Filling contributes to high economic efficiency and environmental protection in either a clinic or hospital operation. The washer-disinfector’s water intake is monitored to the actual rack that is to be processed;...

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WD 250 / WD 290 - 13

DI-water pre-heating: 25% increase in productivity When the program phase of thermal disinfection begins, the required DI-water is already provided at the required thermal disinfection temperature. This is achieved by preheating this medium in a separate tank. This option reduces the overall cycle time, providing an increase in productivity of up to 25%. This addition complies with EN ISO 15883-1 and -2: the tank is positioned above the wash chamber to ensure no pipework dead legs and complete draining of the tank between each intake. Exhaust air condenser: hygiene in exhaust air cooling...

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