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WD 290 Washer Disinfector Optimized Resources, A Higher Standard Elevated Safety Standards, Resource Saving, & Workflow Efficient EI These define why the WD 290 is the ideal choice in planning for tomorrow’s needs and setting higher expectations for your CSSD. Elevated Safety Standards Resource Saving Belimed adheres to the highest safety standards in the industry. The WD 290 reaches a thermal disinfection level of A0 3000 versus the typical disinfection level of A0 600. This is more effective at inactivating certain heat resistant organisms that may be present on contaminated instruments. In order to minimize the possibility of cross contamination, sensors in the system will not release the load unless all cycle parameters are met. With a combination of Belimed’s SmartFill technology, which senses the load size and adjusts water use accordingly, and a soaking wash approach, the WD 290 offers the lowest water use per tray, in the industry. Innovative design makes the WD 290 completely serviceable from the front and back of the unit; no side service area required. This results in a smaller width and overall footprint, conserving another valuable resource in the CSSD: Space. Workflow Efficient The high performance and large capacity of the washer ensure that instruments are getting to the clean side at just the right time, balancing workflow through the CSSD. The longer chamber allows processing of larger orthopedic and bariatric sets. Together, these features eliminate bottlenecks at prep and pack and streamline the department. A variety of optional automation configurations are available, creating a customized solution helping to further achieve your processing and efficiency needs. ABSOLUTE Confidenc

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Accessories Belimed offers standard instrument racks of various levels, along with specialty racks, to accommodate all instrument reprocessing needs. The most commonly used rack is the 3-level instrument rack. Each level can hold up to 3 instrument trays. Transport carts are also available to easily move racks around the department. Configurations & Options • Steam or Electric heating • Manual or Automatic loading • Standard Configuration - Drain water cool down - Three (3) detergent pumps and flow meters - Process status display for clear visibility throughout the department Connectivity...

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