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WD 390

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WD 390 WD 390 Multi-chamber Cleaning, Disinfecting and Drying Machine for Hospitals, Laboratories and Industry

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SAFET Y AND RELIABILIT Y WITHOUT COMPROMISE ... With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and development of multichamber compartmentalized washer disinfectors, the Belimed research and development team have now designed a machine WD 390 to meet the highest level of cleaning and disinfection technology. By the use of components tested for their quality and reliability, the WD 390 has been developed to meet the most stringent production demands of any Sterile Services Department. The Belimed WD 390 has also been type-tested and certied from an accredited test laboratory to...

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THE NEW COMPAC T ONE ... Design: With the Belimed experience of working Accessibility for maintenance and service can practices, as well as a close co-operation with be accessed from one side, all utilities and customers and planners, Belimed have taken components are placed within the machine into consideration that space in most central sterilization areas is at a premium. The Belimed WD 390 with its space-saving, The Belimed WD 390 can be provided with shorter cleaning and drying cabins with the service access from either right or left side of minimum machine loading and unloading areas...

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STANDARDS CONSISTENT CONVERTED ... Design: To fulll the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 15883, extensive detailed solutions were developed, which ensure a consistent implementation of the required standards. Some examples: – Sloping internal surfaces of the chamber’s roof and tank ensures free draining of water between each stage of the cleaning and disinfection process. – The supply pipework system with services installed from the top, gives a design with 0 dead legs. – Rounded welded chamber construction allows free draining, thus avoiding cross contamination. – Glass sliding, heat...

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Disinfection chamber: Drying chamber: The disinfection chamber is in the structure similar to the clean- The drying chamber is equipped with two high performance dryers ing chamber. A fast, exible and economic process is also possible. each of these being separate drying aggregates (fresh air drying and A large part of the water used in the thermal disinfection process can be circulated and used for post cleaning rinse for the next cycle. The hot fresh air is blown into the chamber via two inlet connections For the monitoring of the thermal disinfection two temperature and via the...

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CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS, The Belimed WD 390 with its modular design allows the possibility of customised solutions. Depending on the necessary capacity and vided with two up to four chambers, with separate disinfection chamber plus the option of an ultrasonic chamber application. The machine loading and unloading areas can be provided with simple loading and unload- ing conveyors, to the more sophisticated fully automated loop conveyor process and return conveyor system. View from clean side into machine Loading Cleaning Cleaning Disinfecting Drying Drying Unloading

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REDUC TION OF THE MANUAL AC TIVITIES OP TIMIZATION OF THE MATERIAL FLOW... Transport system The automatic transport system of the The return of the loading racks from the clean WD 390 including the return roller conveyor to the unclean side takes place via either a sin- offers an excellent overall design for the gle door or double door interlocking transfer reduction of lifting and manual activities and makes the continuous ow of material The loading area has been designed for a simple handling of the loading racks and the washing items. The design of the loading It is possible to equip the...

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RELIABILT Y BEGINS IN THE DETAIL ... Transport system The transport of the loading racks takes place via push bar conveyor. This allows for an accurate positioning of the individual loading racks. In order to prevent cross contamination, there is no open transport system, only two separate push bar conveyors. This technology secures highest protection for operators. Transport-/door system in return door design After the end of the program sequence the following steps are automatically started: – Open the door at the exit of the disinfection chamber and the doors of the drying Transport 1...

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INTELLIGENT PROGRAM - MANAGEMENT WITH EFFICIENT TRANSPONDER TECHNOLOGY. Control unit The machine is equipped with est generation. Twelve validat- able programs can be stored as gram selection via transponder technology permits simplest operation with highest process transmits to the control unit, with which program param- eters the different cleaning tint atop Loading protection the protection of the washing items. Separate control system independent of the control receive constant information from the control whether heat resistant or thermo labile washing items are in the respective In...

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EVERY THING FROM ONE HAND ... As leading system-provider Belimed can support its client with our total solution, this includes a planning and design department. Project with three pass-through machines WD 290, cycle washer WD 390, automatic loading and unloading, return roller conveyor with automatic door hatch and Clean-Station CS 710 / 720. Compatibility The loading racks can be also used with the WD 290 and WD 390.

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EDP-SOLUTIONS FOR EACH REQUIREMENT. Each user has own requirements to his EDP, from the simplest kind of a batch printer up to complete electronic administration of the CSSD. As wide-ranging as these requirements might be, Belimed have an EDP-solutions to Separate printer Batch documentation by separate installed A4 printer for the printing of a graphic as well Batch documentation Machine type Program name Program no./dtd. Software index Batch content Program step Program start Batch period [min.:sec] Disinfection period min.:sec] : Program correct finished Central documentation system (ICS...

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CLEANING AND DISINFEC TING PACKING AND STERILIZATION Adminstration workplace 1 Windows Server Packing workplace 1 Washer 2: Type WD 290 Label printer Label printer Further additional connections: WD 230, WD 280, WD 390, CS 710 and CS 730 Printserver Batch printer Mobile depot workplace internal customer network Hospital information system CSSD-management system (ICS 8565) With the ICS 8565 CSSD-management system With connectivity of the decontamination the instrument trays are registered at the ma- process from the cleaning disinfection to the chines by means of bar code. packing,...

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