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Unique exibility in the smallest of spaces – Standard-compliant endoscope and instrument reprocessing WD 425: Washer-disinfector for reprocessing endoscopes, accessories, instruments and other medical devices in accordance with EN ISO 15883-1, -2 and -4 49110_Belimed_WD425_EN.indd 1 01.02.12 16:40

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Standard-compliant reprocessing of endoscopes Endoscopic examinations and interventions are indispensable for diagnostics and therapy. The quality of endoscope reprocessing is particularly important in this context. Effective prevention of infection transmission from the patient to the endoscopy personnel or to other patients through contaminated endoscopic instruments is essential. Infection prevention in gastroenterology High capacity and cleaning performance The best and safest way of reprocessing endoscopes is, As one of the leading suppliers of system solutions in the according to the...

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WD 425 - 3

Great to be so exible. But in more ways than the choice of color. Unique exibility One device for everything. Whether for reprocessing exible or rigid endoscopes, surgical or MIS instruments, anesthesia materials or equipment – WD 425 excels by its broad range of applications. Flexible application Easy installation WD 425 is suitable in any situation where both endo- The automated endoscope reprocessor WD 425 is simple scopes and a wide variety of medical devices have to be and fast to install. Apart from water, RO water, drainage reprocessed within limited space. This broad range of and...

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WD 425 - 4

Hygienic, safe and reliable Our top priority is to protect patients and personnel. This we ensure through reliable process quality and simple operation. Our consistent endeavor to ensure safe and reliable operation of the device is revealed in every detail. A new dimension of hygiene Easy, safe and reliable operation Each channel is individually cleaned and disinfected by the Operation of the endoscope reprocessor WD 425 is simple, Belimed channel rinsing system which thereby ensures a intuitive and well arranged. It fullls all criteria for high hygienically awless cleaning result. The new...

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WD 425 - 5

There are many ways to protect life. Ours are the most effective. Validated nal rinse – recontamination ruled out Consistent data monitoring Disinfected RO water is used for the nal rinse, as Essential program data is monitored and recorded by recommended by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). This means of the printer, integrated as standard. For paperless ensures consistent quality of the nal rinse water and documentation and archiving the WD 425 can be effectively prevents recontamination of the endoscopes. connected to the eletronic Belimed ICS 8535 cycle The process, including indirect...

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WD 425 - 6

That's true greatness. Often concentrated in the smallest of spaces. Maximum capacity in the smallest of spaces Compact design with high turnover: WD 425 is the most powerful and most compact automated washer- disinfector in its class. Up to 3 endoscopes or 8 DIN instrument trays can be reprocessed simultaneously. Professional reprocessing - even under conditions The WD 425 endoscope reprocessor combines advanced technology with an extremely compact design. Only 90 cm wide and measuring 70 cm in depth, the machine features an excellent relationship between payload space and room space...

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WD 425 - 7

Technical Data Connection to building exhaust-air system DN 50

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WD 425 - 8

Belimed GmbH Belimed Medical Equipment ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park 330 Allee des Hetres, Hall E Branch Office Branch Office Pare Espale Belimed Deutschland GmbH Branch Office West Belimed Deutschland GmbH Belimed Infection Control Kft. UNITED KINGDOM Belimed Limited Unit 4 Newbuildings Place Dragons Green Road 2284 Clements Ferry Road OTHER COUNTRIES OTHER COUNTRIES Infection Control

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