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WD 430 - 1

Ultimate perfection: Endoscope reprocessing with single-channel control WD 430: Automated endoscope reprocessor for exible endoscopes with single-channel separation and ow monitoring in accordance with Infection Control

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WD 430 - 2

Fully automatic reprocessing – for risk-free endoscopic surgery Endoscopic examinations contribute to a signiÞcant number of operational procedures within most hospitals these days. Even if these procedures are regarded as extremely safe, when it comes to the cleaning process, the complexity of the equipment used in endoscopy does present a challenge to most clinicians. Although in most endoscopy procedures there is always an This should be followed by fully automatic, chemo- element of risk that cross-infection could occur, this can thermal reprocessing of the endoscopes including Þnal be...

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WD 430 - 3

There are many ways to protect life. Ours are the most effective. Cleaning and disinfecting machine WD 430: State of the art for maximum patient safety Our top priority is to provide maximum safety measures and reliable, repeatable process quality to prevent the spread of infections via endoscopes. Greater safety through accurate single-channel Independent process data monitoring control Separation of monitoring from the control by means Belimed FlowControl, the unique channel rinsing system of dual sensors ensures the highest possible degree of that has been submitted for patent, with...

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WD 430 - 4

That’s true greatness. Often concentrated in the smallest of spaces. Highest performance in the smallest space WD 430 is the most powerful and most compact automated endoscope reprocessor in its class. The machine is ergonomically designed, requires little space and can be easily installed anywhere. A professional solution – even under conditions of Simple installation limited space The automated endoscope reprocessor WD 430 is easy The WD 430 endoscope reprocessor combines high and fast to install. Apart from water, RO water, drain technology with an extremely compact design. With a and...

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WD 430 - 5

Smart resource management gets you further. And is mighty impressive. Convincing cost-effectiveness Saving costs and protecting investments Ð Belimed covers both aspects of high cost-effectiveness. WD 430 features an exceptionally economic resource management in terms of water, cleaning agent and energy consumption while at the same time ensuring that the valuable endoscopes are maintained in perfect condition and good working order on a long-term basis thanks to the thorough, yet gentle cleaning process. Exceptional quality achieved with low media Gentle reprocessing consumption The...

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WD 430 - 6

Clinically tested and comprehensively certied – convincing quality EfÞciency, quality and safety Ð these are the features of our automated endoscope reprocessor WD 430 for ßexible endoscopes. Requirements speciÞed by EN ISO 15883-1 and 15883-4 fully comply in the tested conÞgurations. This ensures safe cleaning, disinfection and drying of ßexible endoscopes. Hygienic safety Independent proof of standard compliance WD 430 is always in a safe microbiological condition WD 430 fulÞlls the following norms and standards as to provide a bacteria-free process. The machine automati- veriÞed and...

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WD 430 - 7

A shining example of intelligence and friendliness. Just like our technical solutions. Versatile in application, easy to operate Besides high safety and cost-effectiveness, high ßexibility and user-friendliness were also high priorities in the development of the WD 430. User-friendly concept for connection of Broad range of applications endoscopes Thanks to high-quality materials, components and parts, The pre-conÞgured Belimed adapter system ensures various processes with peracetic acid, glutaraldehyde or safe and reliable connection of the endoscopes. Tubes and other chemicals can be...

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WD 430 - 8

WD 430 can be optimally integrated into existing facilities such as clinics and doctors’ practices. The two-door version ensures complete separation of clean/decontamination side. Great extra competence thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories Whether drying and storage systems, transfer trolleys, load carriers, labeling systems, validation tools, furniture or other accessories Ð with a broad range of accessories, Belimed offers the right solution for any requirement. Installable storage device for existing cabinets Professional storage Flexible endoscopes must be stored with special...

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WD 430 - 9

The Belimed barcode scanner quickly records and identies endoscopes. Safe endoscope transfer Data monitoring starts with the endoscope Careful transfer of ßexible endoscopes before or after A barcode reader is included as standard in the delivery of reprocessing: transportation in a closed trolley guarantees the WD 430 reprocessor for ßexible endoscopes. In contamination-free transfer. Safe and gentle handling of addition it is advisable to acquire an endoscope labeling the endoscopes reduces expensive repairs. system so that the endoscopes can be individually labeled. Care must be taken...

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WD 430 - 10

Advice, training and support: Always close at hand – worldwide Whether it is individual advice, planning and training or preventive maintenance within the framework of a maintenance contract, telephone support, remote maintenance via modem or technician site visits, Belimed provides optimal service, ensuring safe, reliable operation of your equipment and systems, and a long service life. Comprehensive support and planning Training Individual support from Belimed means the WD 430 Knowledge made easy: In order to help the customer in is optimally adaptable to the userÕs speciÞc requirements....

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WD 430 - 12

Belimed GmbH Belimed Medical Equipment ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park Pare Espale Belimed Deutschland GmbH Belimed Deutschland GmbH Belimed Infection Control Kft. UNITED KINGDOM Belimed Limited Unit 4 Newbuildings Place Dragons Green Road 2284 Clements Ferry Road OTHER COUNTRIES OTHER COUNTRIES Infection Control

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